Mt. Pamitinan, Rizal Day Hike Guide

Mt. Pamitinan
Mt. Pamitinan is one of the most hiked mountains because it became famous due to it's accessibility from Manila. It's been a long time since we planned to visit Wawa Dam and hike the twin mountains, for some reasons, it resulted to "drawing." Hiking this mountain is a bit challenging but will definitely give you an amazing and wide view of greens surrounding Wawa Dam and part of Sierra Madre. Also, the area is famous because of the legend; according to stories: Bernardo Carpio used his super power to separate this mount from Mt. Binacayan, as a result, there's a space in between them, where Wawa Dam is situated.

Introduction To The History
The photo above was take at the terrace by the cave. According to the history of events of the Philippine Independence, Andres Bonifacio, along with Emilio Jacinto, Restituto Javier, Guillermo Masangcay, Aurelio Tolentino, Faustino Manalak, Pedro Zabala, and other new members of the Katipuneros, went here to initiate the new members of the Katipunan. Also, Bonifacio wrote Viva la Independencia Filipina! on the walls of the cave to express the goal of their secret society.

Things to Remember: Height (MASL), Trails and Difficulty
The trails are difficult and the terrain is a bit challenging due to different factors. It has a combination of uphill, downhill, rock scrambling, and hopping on and off the boulders, same as with Mt. Binacayan and Mt. Hapunang Banoi. The entire journey on the trail was remarkable because the weather was good plus the people I've been with were incredible.

The Gorgeous View on the Summit: Best Spot to Visit
Though the ascent was tiring, we were rewarded with a perfect on the summit. On top, there's 360 degrees view of Wawa and the nearby municipalities. The boulders with different shapes and sizes are perfect backdrop. Majority of the area area is still covered with greens, but a mining activity from afar is very noticeable.

It was a bit challenging because some of the trails are steep and vertical. Gravity will pull you down and the sharp edges of the boulders can even cut your palm, if you’re not using gloves. After the boulder part, the trail is still downhill. Terrains are still covered with trees and other plans, with the birds singing. Trail marks are visible.

Activities: Enjoy the Cool and Refreshing Wawa Dam
After the tiring hike, you can take a break by dipping in the cool water of Wawa Dam. During summer, the water is crystal clear and cool, perfect for soared muscles. The pressure of the water falling from the dike is soothing and relaxing.

Location | How to Get here | My Travel to Montalban
Beside Jollibee Farmers, Cubao, ride in a UV Express van and alight in Eastwood, not the Eastwood in Libis huh. In Eastwood, ride in a tricycle to Wawa Dam. Or, you can wait for jeepneys with "Wawa" signboard and alight in in DENR. REMINDER: Entrance fee, environmental fee, as well as the guide fees are to be collected at the DENR. Guide is a must before hiking Mt. Pamitinan.