Magalawa Island, Zambales

Magalawa Island

After our outreach program was held at one of the Aeta Communities in Iba, Zambales, we proceeded to Magalawa Island, an island paradise in Palauig. It's almost three hours travel from Iba passing on the concrete roads by the beach. Since the province is located in the North West of Luzon, facing the Philippine Sea, a lot of gorgeous beaches are yet to be discovered. There are a few stretches of fine white sand and islands beaches that are picture-perfect.

Darwin Dalisay

It was almost eleven in the evening when we stepped on the fine white sand of the island, all of us were tired and exhausted. Upon arrival, set up our tents, prepared our dinner and had socials. As always, Batang Hamog Mountaineers’ social night is always a long storytelling, laughter and chikahan until sunrise. Then, took a nap. I was awakened by the hot sunlight penetrating the tent’s flysheet. I was somehow re-energized by an hour sleep, prepared coffee and then breakfast.

Magalawa Island Entrance Fee

Magalawa Island Resort

WHERE TO STAY IN MAGALAWA ISLAND: I recommend camping by the beach. For accommodation, visitors have options to either camp by the beach, or rent a cottage or tree houses - there are two resorts on the island that both offer these. The island is covered with green trees protecting the ground from excessive sun exposure, perfect for camping. Also, the sea breeze is cool and fresh which will definitely make your day a lazy day. There are locals at the village but the ambiance is relaxing and very calm.

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Visit the White Sand Bar. The picture-perfect spot is the sand bar. The quality of the fine white sand is almost the same as what Boracay has, though, it's just a few meters long depending if it is high tide or low tide. The island is also surrounded by crystal clear waters which look emerald from afar. The horizon, where the water and the sky meet, is stunningly gorgeous, especially during the sunset and sunrise. It’s really hard to explain but the photos above will describe it for you – #NOFILTER.

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REMINDERS: If you need supplies, there are stores in the village. The people are friendly and accommodating. In the morning, if you prefer freshly caught seafood such as fish, squid and others, you can visit the spot where the fishermen are selling what they caught. It is recommended to bring your own water. There are toilets and baths in the area.

HOW TO GET TO MAGALAWA ISLAND: You can take a Victory Liner bus bound for Sta. Cruz, Zambales. Tell the driver to drop you off at the Veritas Road in Brgy. Pangolingan, Palauig, Zambales. Travel time is about 6 hours. Then, charter a trike to the port area for 15 minutes. It's a super rough road, promiss!!! And ride on a boat to either Ruiz Resort or Armada Resort.