Change The Way You See Beauty

The Philippines is colonized by different countries, having said that, most of us would think that the definition of beauty is showcasing a pointed nose, gorgeous smile, tantalizing eyes, amazing cheek bone,  fair complexion, wide shoulder, has vital statistics of 36-24-36, and at least five feet and seven inches tall. If you’re aiming for a Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International, Bb. Pilipinas and other modelling titles then you need those qualities. But remember, beauty never ends with those titles!

In 2006, I tried joining a gay pageant just to experience and feel the uniqueness of being on stage showcasing my exotic beauty, stunning smile, long-leg-gedness, talent and intelligence to thousands of people. Having such qualities, judges still did not place me as one of the winners; I still consider that as an awesome experience. It was the proof that “beauty never ends to getting a beauty title.”

Another definition of beauty is being appreciative with simple things. Six years after the pageant, I was working in a BPO company and I was introduced to mountaineering by my friends. I thought I am already happy with my life with my career-boosting. But I just discovered that I became even happier when I experienced living with the locals on the mountains and being surrounded by the untouched beauty of nature. It was truly a life-changing experience!

The beauty of Buscalan, Kalinga

Tribes in the Philippines have their own signature, like the But-but Tribe in Buscalan, Kalinga.
Buscalan, Kalinga is the home of the oldest Tattoo artist in the world who uses the primitive way of tattooing, her name is Whang Od. During her early years, tattoo symbolizes power and beauty. A clear proof that anyone, regardless of generation, can also be beautiful.

The photo above was taken from Mt. Mantalingajan in Rizal, Palawan. Residing on this mountain are the members of Tau't Bato tribe. As you can see, they do not have those qualities I mentioned above, but still they are beautiful with their own uniqueness, same as with the Aetas of Zambales (photo below).

Beauty applies to everyone, regardless of our gender, race, culture, color and physical quality. Beauty is being able to represent and being proud of your own well being, that’s the reason why most of the time we hear others say these lines: “Beauty is in the eyes of the be holder,” “Simplicity is Beauty,” and “Beauty should start from within.” Having said that, as part of our social responsibility, we should also inspire other people to accept who they really are and be proud of themselves.

Now, it’s time to take photo of you and be proud for whatever The Creator gave us.
Make sure to avoid using deep filters for others to appreciate.
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