Sombrero Island, Masbate

Sombrero Island is one of the islets of Burias Group of Islets. Crossing the waters of Burias Passage from Tinalisayan to Sombrero was a heart pounding experience. Not only that, as we were getting nearer to the shoreline,  coral ecosystems and underwater flora and fauna are visible because of its clear waters. I took off my pink sando while on the boat because my skin hurts, a sign that, for sure, I will have sun kissed skin due to sun burn but it's fine, am positive that my skin will still recover after a week. Instead of covering myself or applying Belo sun block before jumping off the boat to the shallow water, we just grabbed our cameras and proceeded walking by the shore.

The sun rays made the sand really hot, so we made sure that we have our sleepers while walking on the sand. In-fairness, there's a relaxing ambiance at this island, even the tourists and visitors were countless. Trees and coconuts provide shade to some part of the islet; they also create a beautiful landscape. While the small and colorful shells and pebbles mixed on the fine white sand.

What's different about Sombrero from Animasola and Tinalisayan is the smell of the sea water. It's really hard to explain, imagine, when you open your sense of smell against the sea breeze, you will difinitely notice it. It is like a smell of a water melon or a cucumber. Again, the waters are insanely crystal clear!!!!!

The name of this island was derived from a Filipino word "Sombrero," which means a "hat." At the rear side of the island, there's an islet that looks like a sombrero and I thought that it's the source. The fine white sand is only limited at the front side; on the other side, pebbles, stones and boulders can be found. This is where the relaxing sound of the waves can be heard loudly as they hit the surface of the rocks.

To Remember:
The best time to visit Sombrero Island is before the high tide. Toilet and bath are available. Entrance fee: 30 pesos. Cottages and tents are available.

Ate Baby can be contacted here: 09354850349 (TM) and 09300123620 (Smart). She's very friendly and accommodating.

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