Top 2 Best Tourist Spots in Cordillera: 2024 Itinerary, Places to Visit

There's too much chaos on the roads of the Metro, so searching for deserted places with a picture perfect landscape is now a norm. With the gorgeous and stunning photos scattered on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it is now easy to promote, search and catch a glimpse of places to visit in the Philippines. If I would suggest places in Luzon, the provinces in the Cordillera region are on the top. Been here a few times and I noticed that it is one of the favorite destinations of countless international and local tourists. Who says no to a place with a big picture of a so called paradise. There's healthy forest with fresh air, cool and relaxing ambiance, pristine lagoons, colorful flora and fauna, and has a cool weather with no heavy traffic and no cellular signal perfect for bonding.

1. Tappiya Falls

Feel the water pressure of the Tappiya Falls (photo above). It is situated in Batad, Ifugao. Like what I saw online, it is truly a description of natures beauty designed by time and natural occurrences. Surrounded by mountains with trees and plants making a more calm ambiance in the area. The pressure of the water falling creates a circular pool on the ground with a crystal clear and relaxing cold waters. The river is abundant with boulders and towering limestone that added an excellent shapes on the frames.

2. Batad and Banaue Rice Terraces

Walk on Batad and Banaue Rice Terraces. Being part of the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, they are considered two of the must visit in the Philippines - a proof that the beauty of these 2000-year-old art captivated the eyes of the world. Two thumbs up for the artistry of the farmers who converted the mountains to an agricultural land. By the way, it is not just the art and beauty that is being highlighted during the visit, what's unique about visiting these rice terraces is the unusual feeling while walking on the pathways in between the rice fields. Or, dipping your feet into the mud to experience how to plant rice with our lovely farmers.

Meet the Igorots. They are known for being hardworking and brilliant. It is showing on how they conceptualized the rice terraces farming on top of the mountains and how the new generation continue this way of planting. Next, would be their traditional costumes made of hand woven fabrics with animal bones and beads for their accessories. In addition to that, wearing those small pieces of cloth with the cool weather in the region is unbelievable.

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