I Feel You Linger in the Air

I Feel You Linger In The Air is the story of Jom (Nonkul Chanon), a young architect who must come to control the design and renovation of an old house in Chiang Mai. However, during this project, Jom starts to have strange and frequent dreams about himself and a mysterious man from the past. At the same time, Jom faces heartbreak when his love interest decides to end their relationship. In a moment of distress, he drives recklessly and ends up in an accident, plunging into the Ping River. As if beyond the natural order of things, Jom emerges from the water to find himself in 1927.

Thai BL Review: I Feel You Linger in the Air | Synopsis, Cast, Schedule, Rating

There, he encounters the man he dreamed about, Khun Yai (Bright Rapheephong), the middle son of Luang Thepniti, the owner of the Plathip Mansion, which he is currently renovating. Jom must now adapt to this unfamiliar environment and lifestyle, along with the challenges of shaping a relationship with Khun Yai, someone he feels deeply connected to despite never having met before.Amidst a time when society doesn't easily accept same-sex relationships, the love and desires between them cannot be denied, and they start to form a bond even though they have never met before. The story revolves around their love and longing that cannot be resisted. Synopsis by YouKu

Cast: Nonkul Chanon Santinatornkul, Bright Rapheephong Thapsuwan
Country: Thailand
Episodes: 12
Release Date: August 18, 2023
Airs Every: Friday
Original Network: GMM One, LINE TV, Youku