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Blossom Campus (Korean BL)

The drama depicts Kim Min Jae, a transfer student majoring in Practical Music and working part-time at the library, and Lee Kyu Ho, a Taekwondo major who helped him. Since their first meeting, the two have become entangled and closer, leading them to develop a romantic relationship. Source X: BLUPDATE2022. Since it's being worked on by the Producer of the hit Choco Milk Shake and the Director of Long Time No See, we expect another amazing Korean BL once Blossom Campus starts airing.

Kiseki: Dear to Me (Taiwan BL 2023)

As an aspiring doctor, Bai Zongyi (Taro Lin) feels compelled to help those in need around him. So when fate brings the injured gangster, Fan Jheruei (Hsu Kai) into his life, Zongyi can’t turn him away. Taking Jheruei into his own home, Zongyi nurses the wounded man back to health. As Jheruei’s injuries slowly heal, the walls standing between the two men begin to crumble. Setting ideals and prejudices aside, Zongyi and Jheruei begin to understand and appreciate each other. As their relationship continues to grow, love naturally blossoms but what should have ended in “happily ever after” only ends in heartbreak when Zongyi is incarcerated for Jheruei’s mistakes.

I Feel You Linger in the Air

I Feel You Linger In The Air is the story of Jom (Nonkul Chanon), a young architect who must come to control the design and renovation of an old house in Chiang Mai. However, during this project, Jom starts to have strange and frequent dreams about himself and a mysterious man from the past. At the same time, Jom faces heartbreak when his love interest decides to end their relationship. In a moment of distress, he drives recklessly and ends up in an accident, plunging into the Ping River. As if beyond the natural order of things, Jom emerges from the water to find himself in 1927.