Kiseki: Dear to Me (Taiwan BL 2023)

As an aspiring doctor, Bai Zongyi (Taro Lin) feels compelled to help those in need around him. So when fate brings the injured gangster, Fan Jheruei (Hsu Kai) into his life, Zongyi can’t turn him away. Taking Jheruei into his own home, Zongyi nurses the wounded man back to health. As Jheruei’s injuries slowly heal, the walls standing between the two men begin to crumble. Setting ideals and prejudices aside, Zongyi and Jheruei begin to understand and appreciate each other. As their relationship continues to grow, love naturally blossoms but what should have ended in “happily ever after” only ends in heartbreak when Zongyi is incarcerated for Jheruei’s mistakes.

Four years later, the two men are reunited once more but the feelings that were once so sweet between them have soured. Will Zongyi and Jheruei find a way to heal the breach between them or will they decide it’s better if they both go their separate ways? Synopsis by Viki

Taiwan BL Review: Kiseki: Dear to Me | Synopsis, Cast, Schedule, Rating

Cast: Hsu Kai, Taro Lin
Country: Taiwan
Episodes: 13
Release Date: August 22, 2023
Airs Every: Tuesday
Original Network: GTV