Top 9 Best Tourist Spots in Sagada, Mountain Province: Where to Stay

Sagada Tourist Spots
Sagada, Mountain Province is definitely one of the top tourist destinations in Luzon. The province has combination of historical sites to visit, gorgeous caves to explore, mountains to hike, food to taste, activities to try, friendly people to be with, and many other for your to discover. 

1. Church of Saint Mary the Virgin (Sagada)

Our first destination was the Church of Saint Mary the Virgin. This church was built in 1904 by the American missionaries led by  Rev. John Staunton.

2. Panag-apoy, A November 1 Tradition in Sagada

Enroute to the Hanging Coffins, we passed by a cemetery where we witness the remains of the Panag-apoy, a unique tradition in Sagada which means "to light a fire." Most Filipinos lights a candle to their loved ones on the first of November, but the locals of Sagada use “saeng” to make bonfires near the graves of their dead loved ones. The wind is strong in the area so bonfire is better than a candle. By the way, we visited on the 2nd of November.

3. Rock Climbing in Echo Valley

Also enroute to the Hanging Coffin, we passed by a wall where tourists can do rock climbing. If you want to add something extreme to your visit, then, this is for you. We stop by this area for a couple of minutes while watching this guy reach the top. The area is surrounded by greens and the wind is cool.

4. Visit the Hanging Coffins

The Hanging Coffins are the most iconic tourist spot in Sagada. The photo above shows a unique way of putting the local's loved ones to their final resting place. Their way of saying "Goodbye" is challenging, agree? How they prepare? Elderly would carve their own coffin out of a log but if they are ill or too weak, their families prepare it instead. Not only that, they place the body in a fetal position as they believe that the spirit would leave the world in the same position as they were born. The coffins are also small, so they would break the bones just to fit the body to the coffin. Lastly, they tucked them into crevices, or stacked inside the caves. The height where coffins are placed also symbolize their social status.

5. Have a Break, Have a Sagada Cofee

After the hanging coffins, we pass by the coffee plantation. The owner constructed a hut which is a perfect place to relax and enjoy the brewing greatness of nature.

6. Sumaguing Cave

There are a lot of caves hiding in the mountainous area of Sagada and Sumaguing is the most visited because of it's stunning beauty found only in nature. Trekking inside this cave is not easy because you need to hop on and off the slippery boulders. At the end, you will be rewarded with a world class beauty with a big picture of sparkling stalactites and stalagmites that create unique images forming a natural grandeur.

7. Dine at Log Cabin Restaurant

8. Marlboro Hills

Around 4:30 in the morning, we trekked through the terrains of Marlboro Hills and it took us an hour and a half to reach its summit. The trails are simple and with a gradual ascent but we can't hike faster because of tourist traffic - it was holiday so the area was full of tourists. Nonetheless, we have enjoyed the relaxing cool wind with a remarkable view of the golden sunrise and sea of clouds.

9. Blue Soil

Our last destination was the Blue Soil. The soil in the area turns to the shade of blue because of the presence of copper sulfate. If the soil is wet, the blue-ish color became more prominent. Aside from its color, there's nothing special about this place. Since it serves as the last destination of most Sagada Tours, it's hard to take picture without someone on the background. Just too much people!

HOW TO GET TO SAGADA: I was a solo-joiner but, I learned that you can ride in a Coda Bus Line from Quezon City to Sagada. Their last destination is at the terminal near St. Mary Church. Then, you can take a walk to the Municipal Hall or your accommodation nearby.

Rates, Budget Friendly and Affordable Place to Stay in Sagada:

We stayed in Villa D' Familia. We occupied a spacious, non-AC room. The room is clean and the toilet and bath has hot water. They also have a common living room and kitchen.