Blossom Campus (Korean BL)

The drama depicts Kim Min Jae, a transfer student majoring in Practical Music and working part-time at the library, and Lee Kyu Ho, a Taekwondo major who helped him. Since their first meeting, the two have become entangled and closer, leading them to develop a romantic relationship. Source X: BLUPDATE2022. Since it's being worked on by the Producer of the hit Choco Milk Shake and the Director of Long Time No See, we expect another amazing Korean BL once Blossom Campus starts airing.

Korean BL Review: Blossom Campus | Synopsis, Cast, Schedule, Rating

Cast: Son Jeong Hoon (IG: @sjh_0622), Choi Dong Ho (IG:hoya._.c)
Country: South Korean
Episodes: 25
Release Date:
Airs Every:
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