What to Visit in Ilocos

What to Visit in Ilocos
Since I am an avid fan of the Marcos'es, traveling to their hometown, Ilocos, is one of my bucket list. This province has everything to offer, from its history, politics, and tourist attractions. What to visit and what to do? Check our photos below:

Burgos Lighthouse
Our first destination was Cape Bojeador Lighthouse (Burgos Lighthouse) is situated in Burgos, Ilocos Norte.  It is a cultural heritage that was erected during the Spanish era in the Philippines.  It's a 66-foot-tall octagonal stone tower on Vigia de Nagpartian Hill with an overlooking scene of Cape Bojeador.

Kapurpurawan Rock Formation
Kapurpurawan Rock Formation is one of the landmarks of Ilocos. It's a pure white limestone curved by the nature.

Bangui Windmills
Bangui Windmill is another landmark of the province. It is the place that converts wind energy into electrical energy which is situated in Bangui, Ilocos Norte.  This wind farm has 20 units of 70-meter high wind turbines, stretching along 9 kilometers shoreline of Bangui and is facing the South China Sea.  Each of the turbines are 326 meters apart from each other.

Pagudpud Blue Lagoon
Blue Lagoon is a like a half-circle body of water on the coastal area of Pagudpud.  The shoreline has fine, white sand and surrounded by trees, plants and private cottages.  The clear water in the lagoon have dark blue color,  where its name came from.

Marcos Ancestral House
This house served as the office of the late Don Mariano Marcos, the former president's father, when he was the congressman.  It was also used as an office of Imee Marcos, the president's daughter, when she was the Ilocos Norte Representative.  She even lived in this mansion within her term.  Bongbong Marcos, the presidential son, also moved into this house when he was the governor of Ilocos.

Paoay Church
Paoay Church is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, in the Philippines. The structure is made up of baked bricks, coral rocks, tree sap and solid lumber.  The 24 buttresses were also placed on each side of the church for support and those are the reason why it is still standing after the quakes in 17th century up to this generation.

Paoay Sand Dunes
You're thinking that sand dunes can only be found in the dessert countries, right? We also have it here in the Philippines - the Paoay Sand Dunes

How to Cook Empanada
You can't live without food, try the famous empanada in Vigan City.

Calle Crisologo in Vigan City
Calle Cristolo or Mena Crisologo  Street is named after Mena Pecson Crisologo who is the most respected sons of Ilocos.  He actually wrote Mining wenno Ayat ti Kararwa which is compared to Jose Rizal's Noli Me Tangere; he is also the author of Don Calixtofaro de la Kota Caballero de la Luna and Codigo Municipal.

Province of Abra
The next day, we also visited Tangadan Tunnel which connects the province of Ilocos and the Province of Abra.

Sukang Iloco
Store can be found almost in every sides of the streets, selling local products - like Sukang Iloco

Pinsal Falls
Pinsal Falls is located in Sta. Maria, Ilocos Sur.  It is believed that this water falls is the largest in the province.  The 85-foot water falls has its unique beauty that captured the eyes of some film directors and producers, like the movies of Fernando Poe Jr., they were filmed here. As the water fell on the ground, because of the current, it creates an artistic rock formations.

San Juan de Sahagun Parish
San Juan de Sahagun Parish in Canoon City, Ilocos Sur

How to Cook Tupig
It's not just one Pig, but it's Tupig! If you're bound for Norther Provinces, like Ilocos, or just passing by Pangasinan, your travel experience will not be complete without tasting - Tupig.

Eating Balut
In other side of the world, Balut is considered as an exotic food. But here in the Philippines, this food is everywhere and can be considered as the national food, hhmm, maybe. Our travel was only 57 hours, from our departure to arrival in Manila. Our time was limited but it was remarkable.

How to Get Here: We chartered a van with a driver, from Manila to Ilocos, and vice versa.