Backpacking to Borawan Island

Borawan island
Borawan Island is a small islet is located in Padre Burgos, Quezon, Philippines.  According to the caretaker I spoke to, the name of the islet was given by Father Vargas who discovered the islet.  This islet is made up of a large stone in irregular shape, covered with grass and trees.

Dampalitan island
Dampalitan island is rich with coconut trees, pine trees, mangroves and some shrubs which bears colorful flowers.  encircling the whole island is the shore with white sand beach covered with shells on the sea shore.  This island serves as the residence of Ate Mercy and her family.  They also created fish cages in the other side of the island that serves as their livelihood aside from boating packages.  The residents go fishing; catching crabs and shrimps; they also raise hogs at their backyard for future purposes.

How to Get Here |  You can take a ride in Jam Liner, in Camias to Lucena Grand Terminal. At the terminal, you can ride in a bus or van to Padre Burgos and alight in Maraw.