Butuan City and the ancient Balangay

Balangay Shrine Butuan
Backpacking in Butuan City is easy because all the historical sites are located just within the vicinity, accessible to both public utility vehicles like jeepney and tricycle. During our visit in Butuan, at the intersection of the Narra Road (where Jollibee, McDonalds and KFC are located), we chartered a tricycle to visit these two museums in the city. Below are two of the museums that can be found in the city:

The Filipino word Baranggay came from the word: Balangay or Balanghai which is watercraft used by the ancient people in the Philippines for transportation and for barter and trade. If I am not mistaken, it was discussed when I was in the fifth grade, in HEKASI. I am happy that today, it’s time to see the actual relics of Balangay, discovered in Butuan. More photos from Balangay Shrine,Continue Reading >>>

Balangay Museum
 Outside Balangay Shrine.

Butuan National Museum
 Butuan National Museum is one of the historical structures in Butuan City that houses and protects the relics discovered in the region. It also holds several objects used by the locals for their daily life, such as jars, ceramic and earthenwares, hand woven clothe, and many more. More photos from Butuan National Museum,Continue Reading >>>

Golden Tara
 After the two museums, since it was already three in the afternoon and the weather is not good, we decided to proceed to our next destination - the Golden Tara landmark (photo above). The Golden Tara is a molded gold figurine of a Tara or a goddess from the Buddhist Pantheon which was found by a Monobo native along Wawa River in Central Agusan. This image is casted in 21 karat gold and weights nearly four pounds and measures around eight inches in height. But, it was acquired in 1922 by the American and bought by the wife of Governor General Wood. It is now housed in the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, IL, US.

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