Top 7 Best Tourist Spots in Camiguin: 2024 Itinerary, Places to Visit, Activities, Travel Guide

Every time I hear Camiguin, I usually think of the best lanzones in the Philippines and the underwater cemetery, but during our visit, we found that the province has a lot of world-class tourist spots and destinations. Backpacking is not a big problem here because at the port, multi-cab with a driver, can be chartered for the whole day tour (that’s what we did).

1. Katibawasan Falls

The first tourist spot is Katibawasan Falls (photo above); by the way we started from the farthest. It is a 250 Meter waterfalls with cool and clear water free flowing to a river system. The atmosphere in the area is cool because it is surrounded by trees that give a fresh and clean air. The water is cool but relaxing because of the pressure, perfect for your tired muscles. Entrance fees are being collected. Souvenir shops are available by the entrance.

2. Sto. Nino Cold Spring

Sto. Nino Cold Spring is one of Camiguin’s top tourist destinations. By its name, you can easily expect for a fresh and cold spring water. I no plans to get wet, especially with the temperature of the water, it was really a NO NO. Because of its super dupper clear water, I dipped into the water and experienced how great this cold spring is. I was also stunned by the bottom of the pool, there are no silts because it is made of concrete.

3.  Tuasan Falls

Tuasan Falls is one of the must visit tourist attractions in Camiguin. Similar with the other waterfalls in the Philippines, it has water (of course), there’s pressure, the area is surrounded by trees and woods, I think, Tuasan is not that famous, so less people, good for you. During our visit, NO Entrance fees collected. Stores are available by the entrance.

4. Soda Swimming Pool

Soda Swimming Pool is also by the highway. I know you're wondering why they call it Soda, correct? It is simply because the water coming out from this spring tastes like a soda and it is safe to drink. Like Sto. Nino Cold Spring, Soda swimming pool also has cool, refreshing and crystal clear water.

5. Old Church Ruin

Old Church Ruin is one of Camiguin's top tourist destinations. This church was damaged by the volcanic eruption happened centuries ago, damaging the other structures in Camiguin island. The ruin is composed of a meter wide walls and huge columns. These walls and columns are made of coral stones and are now covered with mosses and plants.

6. Camiguin Underwater Cemetery

Camiguin Underwater Cemetery is one of the must visit tourist spots, attractions and destinations in the province. Before, it was a resting place but now it's a tourist place that gives money to the government and jobs to the locals. This spot has a huge cross perched in the water. Tourists can cross and step on the base of the cross using boats, of course NOT for free. Souvenir shops and stores are available by the entrance.

7. Mt. Hibok Hibok

Mt. Hibok Hibok is a good source of hot spring, like Ardent Hot Spring. It was our last destination for that day; it is situated at the base of Mt. Hibok Hibok. Ardent has a wide land area composed of trees, plants, cottages, and other structures. Tourists usually make this hot spring as their last destination to soothe their tired muscles and it is really true. Spent an hour here and had a relaxing feeling while my body is submerged in the warm water.

8. White Island, Camiguin

Due to bad weather condition, we were unable to visit the famous White Island of Camiguin. We waited for a good weather and the signal from NDRRMC to sail but unfortunately White Island is closed. No choice but to say good bye. Malayo ang tingin shot.


Pabua's Cottage for 1,200 pesos overnight. The room is wide, with own clean rest and shower room, TV with cable, terrace, and three queen size beds. Since we were in a tight budget, we went to the market and bought our supply. Cooked, served with happiness and then rested.

If you’re in Camiguin, don’t forget to have a short break and eat Pastel. It is not chicken pastel or pastel colors; it is bread with soft dough and yema fillings inside. Grabe! Iba talaga ang feeling habang kumakain ka nito. BABALA: It is addicting! Yung pasalubong ko, naubos ko sa Airport palang. READ: BACKPACKING in Surigao del Sur, Agusan del Norte, and Camiguin.