Mt. Gulugod Baboy, Batangas: 2024 Hike Guide, Location, Height, Difficulty

Mt. Gulugod Baboy is one of the hiking destinations in Batangas with gorgeous slopes and a relaxing ambiance on the summit. It became famous because of its proximity and beauty. Its name literally translates to "pig's spine" in English and was given because of its slopes and shapes that are similar to the pigs' spine. If you’re starting to explore the richness of the Philippines at a higher altitude then, this mountain is your perfect start.

THE TRAILS: It is perfect for beginners.  From the jump-off, it is an ascending walk on an uphill concrete road by the village. Then, walking on a well-established trail up to the summit, passing by the resident's fences. The terrain has a combination of shrubs, cogon grass, hardwood and fruit-bearing trees and vegetables cultivated by the locals. During the dry season, the trail is friendly but during the wet season, the terrain becomes sticky and slippery because of the mud.

THE SUMMIT AND CAMPSITE: There’s a 360 degrees view of Batangas and the nearby towns and the sea breeze is cool and refreshing. The surface of this mountain is covered with relaxing green grass while the slopes are picture-perfect. The terrain is open, so if you're planning for an overnight, it is highly recommended to start trekking passed four o'clock in the afternoon so when you reached the summit, it's already sunset. If a day hike, you can start trekking early in the morning.

REMINDER AT THE CAMPSITE: The wide campsite and the summit serve as the greener pasture for the cattle, horses and goats; it is recommended to take care of your stuff before sleeping. Also, there are dogs strolling in the evening, trying to steal something from you, so make sure that your leftover foods and garbage are hidden. LEAVE NO TRACE. Mt. Gulugod Baboy has a super wide, as in wayyddd campsite. According to the residents, these wide grasslands are owned by private individuals and some of these people might be collecting fees from the hikers, aside from the registration fees at the jump-off.

SIDE TRIP TO SOMBRERO ISLAND: After enjoying nature's beauty above, our next destination was an islet. Its name Sombrero was derived from its shape which looks like a baseball cap. We chartered a motorized boat at  PhilPan Resort to the islet. Travel time – 15 to 20 minutes. In this islet, there’s a narrow white sand beach with colorful sea creatures. Need to Consider | The water current is really strong, especially if it’s high tide, so please take care!

HOW TO GET HERE: At the Jam Liner Terminal, in Kamuning, we rode in a bus bound for Batangas and alighted in Batangas Grand Terminal. We chartered a jeepney to PhilPan resort in Ligaya, Mabini, Batangas.