Orchids Resort Boracay

At first, when I booked my flight for Boracay Island on a Piso sale, I was hesitant because am not sure about my schedule and had no idea about the budget. As part of that nerve-wracking feeling, a week before my trip, I posted on Facebook and asked my friends about the cheapest resort in Boracay Island and the result was positive. A friend of mine referred her friend who works in Orchids Resort. And there, my mind was at peace!

Location and How to Get to Boracay Island
Orchids Resort is located in Station 3, Boracay Island. From Boracay Port, ride in a tricycle to Station 3. Since there are parts in Station 3 where the tricycles are not allowed, I walked on the eskinita, - hirap mag English, to the street heading to Orchids. The tricycle driver's instruction was clear, but, I followed these marks (below) to the resort. #Backpacking101

Orchids Resort Boracay

Cheapest, Budget Friendly, Most Affordable Place to Stay in Boracay.
Orchids Resort is not 5-Star hotel but the design is amazingly unique. The structure is made up of native products like bamboo, wood, rattan, nipa and other local products.

According to tour operators and websites, Orchids Resort is one of the cheapest. Not only that, they are also awarded by TripAdvisor for being one of the best hotels in Boracay.

This photo was taken a few meters away from the resort.