Mt. Pundaquit traverse to Anawangin Cove

mt. pundquit itinerary 2019
It was in 2012, four years and two months ago, when I started hiking and reached the summit of Mt. Pundaquit in San Antonio, Zambales. As what others say: “first time is always the hardest” so I also consider this as the most challenging hike in my twenty seven years of existence. My digital camera was still the older version, but the memories are remarkable.

Mt. Pundaquit traverse to Anawangin Cove: hiking guide and itinerary:

Hiking Mt. Pundaquit is the perfect way to visit Anawangin Cove, well for  trekking enthusiasts. While walking on the flat surface at the entrance by the mountain, you can see its gorgeous scenery that awaits to be discovered.  Mountain's entrance is just ten minutes from the shore of Brgy. Pundaquit, its trail passes across the grass and shrub lands.

mt pundaquit traverse 2019
According to my research, the name Anawangin came from the Ilokano word "nuang" which means carabao and that's the reason why I kept seeing Carabao's poops on the trail.  The trail also has river like rocky area, bamboo, trees or even ornamental plants like a garden. 

trails of mt pundaquit

The Trails of Mt. Pundaquit:

The terrain of Mount Pundaquit is a bit challenging, especially during summer because most part of the trails are open.  During our ascent, the river was dry and it makes a gorgeous rock formation on the trail. But during wet season, expect that these rivers will  add an adventure to the hikers.
mt pundaquit traverse

mt pundaquit summit
When I reached the summit, I saw the gorgeous province of Zambales. From afar, the white sand beach stretches on the shore of San Antonio. The breeze is cool, the air is fresh, the surroundings are covered with green grass and trees, the color of the water changes as the waves running towards the shore.

summit of mt pundaquit

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The trail from the summit was a bit challenging because my shoes don't have spikes and no other way to control my pace but to run to downhill trail, that was few meters. Photo above is a wide river, since it's summer time, there's no water so you can enjoy walking on the boulders, you can feel the fresh air and green trees around the area. 

anawangin cove itinerary

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Anawangin Cove tour package 2019
After the heartaches, skin aches, foot aches and other aches, we finally reached our Final Destination - Anawangin Cove.  It was a tiring day, but when I saw the area, I was amazed! The shore has white sand, crystal clear waters and the breeze was cool, making the ambiance really energetic. Pitched the tents and started socials. In the evening, the people were walking by the beach, having night parties, and night swimming. 

What to Bring | Hiking to Mount Pundaquit is a bit challenging. Be reminded of the following: YOURSELF with confidence, camera, trail water, trail food, sun block, arm warmer, cap or umbrella (during summer.)

Setting your expectations | In Anawangin Cove camp site, there are water source, comfort rooms and shower rooms.  If you want to buy snacks? Sari-sari stores are available but the price is gold. I suggest, you buy everything first before going to the island. 

How to Get to Mt. Pundaquit and Anawangin Cove:

How to Get Here, Here's what we did | We rode in one of the buses of Victory Liner Cubao (EDSA Southbound) going to Victory Liner Station in Olongapo City, Zambales.  Then, we rode in an Ordinary Bus to the Municipal Hall of San Antonio, Zambales. Or you can take a bus ride, same bus station and alight in San Antonio.Then, rode in a tricycle going to the shore, travel time was within 15 minutes. Drivers already know where the jump off is.