Change The Way You See Happiness

Most of the parents taught their children to study well to get a brighter future, agree? To make them happy, I studied well resulting to excellent grades. The time I accepted my diploma and medals, I witnessed how my parents became emotional on stage. May Mom was smiling but there are tears on her eyes. I don’t have children yet but I know that for parent’s perspective, seeing their children on a graduation is such a rewarding moment that gives them real happiness.

I started working for a BPO company two months after graduation. Like what a usual working individual does: work, receive paychecks, and spend it for something. With my career improving, I was thinking that happiness is already at this stage but I kept asking myself for something that is missing. To balance my work and social life I go into mountaineering and backpacking.

Photo taken in 2013.
I created an event for an island hopping, for our summer getaway, in Quezon Province where I met a girl and a boy. We were having our breakfast when they passed by our tents, playing “pass the ball” using a coconut as their ball. They were both wearing dirty clothes and their skin looks the same. We invited them to join us, and they did, and had a short conversation.

Photo taken in 2015.
The girl (seven years old) talks very good, according to her, she needs to ride in a boat from the island to the mainland and then walk an hour to school. Their parents can’t sustain her financial needs daily, so she lives at her auntie house as a school girl, at a very young age. After two years, I went back to the island with another set of friends. This time, I brought few pieces of school supplies and printed photos taken when we first met. My first statement was: “may ibibigay ako sa inyo,” and I handed it to them. Before saying thank you, they hugged me like I am their older brother. There was a unique feeling that I couldn’t explain but my happy hormones were alive. That moment I easily thought: “that’s what I am missing – to help others!”

Children of North Uyao, Oriental Mindoro.
Eventually, I started joining outreach programs, created by some mountaineering groups and private individuals giving out slippers and school supplies to some tribe members on the mountains. After joining several programs and giving out something to others, I told to myself: “Joining an event is good thing but creating my own event to help others is much better!” Then with the support from my friends, I created Lamyerda Outreach. This group is a bridge that connects people to reach out less fortunate.

Every time I hear the words: “Salamat” and “Thank you,” the joy that I am feeling is unexplainable and extraordinary. One of the most unforgettable experiences was when were giving out school supplies to the Aetas in Zambales. A mother with three children approached me and said: “maraming salamat” while her tears rolling down her face. It happened for a few seconds but I can’t explain the emotion.

The hardest but the happiest decision that I made was donating my long and gorgeous hair to a Progeria patient, as a wig for her 18th Birthday. Progeria is an extremely rare a genetic disorder in which symptoms resembling aspects of aging are manifested at very young age. Just few weeks ago, I heard that she already passed away. Sad news but I know that she already fulfilled her duty as an inspiration to others even for a short period of time. Every time I am seeing this single photo (photo above) it reminds me of her amazing smile and how happy she was when I met her.

According to Booker T. Washington: “Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others.”

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