I processed my employment documents that include Pag-Ibig and my tax updates (RDO and Tax Exemp). I am working for more than five years now and it's my first time to process these documents and it's not a good experience.Since I previously worked for a BPO in Mandaluyong City (RDO: 041,) I headed to BIR Office in Boni to have my BIR Form 1905 stamped. Upon submitting to the clerk, he informed me that my record was already with RDO: 43A in Shaw (near SSS and Pag-Ibig), so I rode on MRT from Boni to MRT Shaw, then on Shaw boulevard, I rode in a jeepney with “Pasig, Palengke” signboard. Get off in front of Pag-Ibig Bldg. (second Stop Light). Crossed the footbridge where BIR is located. Got queue number from the guard and waited for my turn.

When I got my turn, I submitted BIR Form 1905 to the clerk then he put a stamp on it. And he told me that the form 2305 needs to be submitted on the new RDO (43B.) So after processing 1905, to save time and effort, I went to Pag-Ibig (HDMF) and processed my load consolidation. After HDMF, I rode in a jeepney again, just in front of their building, with “Pasig Palengke” signage and proceeded to BIR Kapitolyo (43B) for my 2305. Got queue number and waited for my turn. To make it short, I was sitting there for two hours. When I got my turn, I proceeded to the counter for the stamp, but I was informed that “I need to go back after 3-4 working days.” So after two hours of waiting and I am just going to hear that from the clerk. The clerk from BIR Shaw should have informed me that it's within that period. Not happy about it!

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