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Azure Urban Resort Residences is one of the newly developed vertical residential structure in Paranaque. It gotten the attention of media and Filipinos because it is designed by the world famous socialite and a hotel heiress Paris Hilton. She has really great sense of art and class as it appears on the outcome of Azure, from its details, facilities, pool side, residential units and the white sand by the pool. Had a chance to enter and enjoy what's inside Azure Urban Resort and Residences, photos will describe.

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Azure is developed with technology. If you're looking for an experience that you can get from the beach, this Olympic size pool can definitely give you, like the strong waves. So, no need to go outside Metro Manila and look for a white sand beach, it's already here inside the metro with a perfect atmosphere of a sea side beach resort.

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After dark, Azure transforms to a world class hotel with the golden lights on.  Although the swimming pool and other facilities are open for a specific time, but you can still enjoy the light and sounds by the pool while sitting on a couch. If you have a date, there's a cafe built by the pool where visitors can enjoy wine, food, and coffee.

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Azure Urban Resort Residences is a private residence and is not open to public. We had a chance to visit this beautiful place because our friend owns a residential unit and she invited us to witness and experience the world class Azure. I am not sure if units are still available but if given a chance to be a millionaire, I will definitely get one for the person I love. That's all and thank you!