Asik-Asik Falls, North Cotabato: Itinerary, Hike, Travel Guide

Asik-Asik Falls is the top tourist spot in North Cotabato. It is a spectacular-curtain-like waterfalls hiding in the mountainous area of Alamada. Its unique landscape and breathtaking beauty spread online which captured the eyes of the world. Who says "no" to its majestic walls covered with lush green vegetation, such as moss and ferns, highlighted by the hardwood trees and the clear blue skies. In between these hanging ornaments are cold and crystal clear rushing water naturally falling on a shallow rocky pool surrounded by artistic rocks and boulders. Such a perfect place to relax and distress.

Getting to the Beautiful Asik-Asik Falls in Alamada.

Traveling to this majestic waterfalls was not easy; though the highway is wide and concrete, the ascending and descending road will definitely give you a breathtaking and remarkable experience. During my travel, the sun was shining brightly but the wind was strong and cold, still, tan lines were formed because I was wearing sando.

Contact: Yson Padrique, habal driver/tour guide
Ph: 09268605767

HOW TO GET TO ASIK-ASIK FALLS: From Manila, you can take a flight to Cotabato City, then, take a habal or jeepney to the bus terminal in poblacion, just tell the driver to drop you off at the terminal with a bus bound for Libungan. At the terminal ride in a bus bound for Davao City (make sure that it's a bus with 10 stops). Then, alight in Libungan Terminal. In my case, I was at the Poblacion area, I rode in a jeepney to a bus terminal and alighted in Libungan Terminal where I met Yson, my driver/tour guide.

WHERE TO STAY: I had a day tour in North Cotabato and headed to Davao City where I spent an overnight. But Yson mentioned that there is a homestay in Alamada. So it's better if you coordinate with him prior your travel. If your exit is in Cotabato City, I spent an overnight at Carta de Amor for 500 pesos for a room with AC and TV. I added its location in Google Maps, just search "Carta de Amor."  READ: 9 Days Solo-Backpacking in Sarangani Province, South Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao, North Cotabato, Surigao del Norte, Dinagat Islands, Agusan del Sur, and Davao City.