Miss Philippines Earth Romblon 2016

I found love with nature and I found happiness with beauty pageants, combining these two and it's Miss Earth. Meeting Kattline Joy Eranes, from Looc, Romblon, the reigning Miss Philippines Earth Romblon 2016 was remarkable. Initially, it was a long chit chat and in the end, I was invited to join them for a shoot For a Cause. The photos below will describe Kattline's advocacy in society. By the way, Kattline is now one of the Official candidates of Miss Philippines Earth 2016.

Miss Romblon

A few years back, the province of Romblon has one of the most pristine mangroves in the country, according to DENR. Honestly, right now, this record is starting to fade because of few factors and one of these is Global Warming. This is one of Kattline’s advocacies as Miss Philippines Earth Romblon – to protect Mother Earth and to promote building a new generation ecosystem. Photos below are candid shots while she’s planting 10 mangroves seedlings in Brgy. Budiong, Odiongan, Romblon.

To all the Romblomanons around the world, let us give our full support to our Ms. Philippines Earth Romblon 2016 as she represents the Province of Romblon.