Top 11 Best Tourist Spots in Nueva Ecija 2024: Mountains + Waterfalls

1. Mt. Kasahingan

Mt. Kasahingan is the newest hiking destination in Nueva Ecija. It became popular because of its breathtaking beauty, relaxing ambiance, easy-to-moderate trails, gorgeous waterfalls, and pretty much accessible from Manila and other points in Luzon. Hiking this mountain can give you a rewarding experience and instagrammable views.

2. Mt. 387

Mt. 387 is one of the newly marked hiking destinations in Luzon because of its breathtaking beauty, spectacular and tantalizing golden sunset, fresh and cool ambiance – this mountain can be considered as one of the most scenic mountains in the Philippines. Mt. 387 is situated in the province Nueva Ecija which is dubbed as the “Rice Granary of the Philippines,” a three to four hours travel from Manila. Our photos below will explain more about what Mt. 387 can offer.

3. Minalungao National Park

4. Dupinga River & Labi River

5. Pantabangan Dam

6. Pantabangan Lake

7. Gabaldon Falls

8. Isdaan Floating Restaurant

9. Highland Bali Villas Resort and Spa

10. Gapan Church