Top 11 Best Tourist Spots in Cebu City: 2024 Itinerary, Places to Visit

Cebu City Tourist Spots
Cebu City is the capital city of the Province of Cebu. It is one of the largest islands in the Philippine Archipelago. It is considered the “Queen City of the South” because of its economic stability and other economic factors. Of course, in Philippine history, the province has a gigantic contribution in terms of religion. How to Get Here: From Mactan-Cebu International Airport, I took a cab to Colonade Supermarket and had breakfast in a fast food chain nearby. After breakfast, grabbed my map and started following the streets to my destination. With the help of the crew at the fast food and the tinderos and tinderas along the streets, I was able to find my first destination.

Top 2 Best Tourist Spots in Catanduanes: 2024 Itinerary, Places to Visit, Activities, Travel Guide

During our backpacking in Bicol, Catanduanes is the hardest province to penetrate because it's an island province. Dubbed as "The Happy Island," the province hides a few spectacular and breathtaking tourist spots and destinations which can make you "happy" and stunned. Lately, the province is getting more attention in social media sites because of stunning photos of Binurong Point, Puraran Beach, and the other attractions.

Biak na Bato National Park, Bulacan: 2024 Travel Guide, Activities

Biak na Bato National Park
Biak na Bato National Park, in San Miguel, Bulacan, is one of top travel destinations in the province because of its historical contribution in the Philippine republic. "Biak na Bato" or split of boulder is where Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo signed the Malolos Republic (first Constitution of the Philippines). Aside from its historical background, tourist and students visit this park to relax, breath some fresh air, and witness the beauty inside the caves, especially the stunning Bahay Paniki Cave, the highlight of the area. By the way, it was declared as national park in 1937 by the former president Manuel L. Quezon.

Bataan White Corals Beach Resort, 2024 Travel Guide, Overnight, Rates

We finally found the Bataan White Corals Resort, suggested by Google Search and Google Maps. We judged the public photos on Facebook and we thought that it's a YES for us! This resort offers a relaxing accommodation with full access to their amazing facilities, such as the cool and artistic swimming pools, picture perfect landscape, cool ambiance, sumptuous delicacies, and many more. Plus, very friendly and polite employees.


Here are Five of the mountains near Manila recommended for beginners. First, Mount Batulao is one of the famous destinations for hikers and adventurer seekers. This mountain lies in Southern Luzon and is 2-3 hours' travel from Manila; very accessible to both private and public vehicles.  Batulao has gorgeous ranges and slopes; its amazing shape is covered with luscious green grasses and trees making it so relaxing in the eyes. Its trail is simple to moderate. READ: MOUNT BATULAO HIKING GUIDE

Top 6 Best Tourist Spots in Ilo-Ilo; 2024 Itinerary, Places to Visit

1. Miag-Ao Church

Its construction of this church began in 1787 while Fray Francisco M. Gonzales. O.S.A. was the parish priest of Miag-ao and Domingo Libo-on  was the Gobernadorcillo. The Church was completed in 1797 and it served as the fortress against Muslim Raiders. In 1898, during the revolution, this church was destroyed but then it was rebuilt. In 1910, it was damaged by fine, and then it was badly damaged by earthquake in 1948. Restoration work began in 1960 and was completed in 1962. During the term of office of the Most Rev. Dr. Jose Ma. Cuenco, D.D. Metropolitan Archbishop of Jaro, of Msgr. Fernando S. Javillo, D.P., Parish Priest of this town and Dioscoro Mueda, Municipal Mayor.

3 Best Museums in Metro Manila

Today is a boring day! Question is: "Anu ang magandang gawin kapag wala kang magawa?" Sagot: " Pinturahan ang buong bahay gamit ang cutix." Pero wala akong cutix. So, after washing my clothes, without itinerary, my initial plan was to visit all the museums in Metro Manila including, Ayala Museum in Makati City, but the plan ended up visiting Marikina Shoe Museum (with 50 pesos entrance) and the two buildings of the National Museum of the Philippines with FREE Admission. Libre, aarte kapa?? Tara na!!

Top 11 Best Tourist Spots in Siquijor: 2024 Itinerary, Places to Visit

As you visit its top destinations, you will be under a spell of its beauty. This island province is known as the "Esla del Fuego" or the "island of fire" because of the mystical fireflies. It is believed that if you see these luminous lights, it is an indication that a magic is taking place. By the way, if the province of Capiz is known for their "aswang" and "manananggal," this province is commonly known as "Siquihorror" because of the shamanism and witchcraft. Regardless if it's true or not, I was enchanted by this mystical province.

Top 4 Best Tourist Spots in Siargao Island: 2024 Itinerary, Places to Visit, Activities, Travel Guide

Siargao Island is the "surfing capital of the Philippines." This tear-shaped island is the top destination in the province of Surigao del Norte. It is indeed a surfer's paradise because of the gigantic waves but if you're not into surfing, like me, you can still enjoy the pristine beaches, explorable caves, fresh surroundings, and unique island lifestyle. With time pressure, from the province of Dinagat Islands, I traveled here to discover its beauty.


Today, just noticed that the weather is changing from cool to a warm humid air - a proof that summer is almost here. To help you, I listed 14 best and must visit and destinations in the Philippines. First, the world famous Boracay Island. It is listed as one of the best beaches in the world according to the travel agencies, websites, blogs, magazines and other people’s reviews. The shoreline has fine white sand, the waters are crystal clear, cool and fresh air and there's a lot of activities to choose from. READ: BORACAY ISLAND GUIDE |