DentAlert, Best Dental Clinic in Antipolo

Dent Alert, Antipolo
Visiting a dental clinic was a challenge during the pandemic and I made it after two years. If you are residing in Marikina, Antipolo, and the nearby areas in Rizal, DentAlert is the perfect place for your dental needs. Dr. Rochelle has light hands that I don't even feel what she's doing. As you can see, the clinic has a Doraemon concept and a relaxing ambiance.

DentAlert is Maxicare Accredited | The Go To Dental Clinic in Antipolo and Marikina

Best Dental Clinic in Antipolo

Dental Clinic, Maxicare accredited

Clinic Hours:

Monday – Friday
9AM – 6PM
Saturday – Sunday

For Appointment:

(02) 7739 – 0216
0917 – 884 – 4083

Clinic Address:

S2 Q-Residences, L19 B1-E Napoleon Street, Kingsville Executive Village, Antipolo City
Use Google or Waze.