Caramoan Island (Travel Guide, Itinerary, Things you need to know)

Caramoan Island
A combination of stunning rock formations, crystal clear water, coves, and colorful underwater, Caramoan Islands is definitely the top tourist spot in Camarines Sur. It became became popular in the world when the Survivor franchise had their challenges on some of its islands. This beauty is situated in the far side of the province and almost twelve hours from Manila via land but the stress you’ll feel will be replaced with enjoyment – thanks to its beauty.

Traveling from Alibijaban to Burias Island (DIY - 2 Days Itinerary)

Alibijaban Island and Burias Island are two beautiful islands in Quezon and Masbate, respectively. Traveling to these places is time-consuming travel but you'll be rewarded with breathtaking beauty. The island has a fine white sand shoreline with trees, bangcas, and local cottages. Mixed on the fine white sand are small living crustaceans and sea shells, and more sea shells by the seashore. The cool emerald crystal clear water is rich with underwater bio-diversity, such as fish, colorful starfish in different sizes and appearances, and many more.


Enchanted Cave Bolinao
A lot of tourist spots hides in the province but, the ENCHANTED CAVE is something that you shouldn't miss. Inside the cave is a pool with cool and crystal clear waters. There are stalactites and stalagmites in different forms - stunning background for groupies. Limited visitors are allowed inside the cave per interval. Also, tourists need to wear life jackets and must follow safety protocols inside to avoid accident. Entrance fees are being collected. CLICK TO WATCH MY PANGASINAN VLOG

Patar Beach, Bolinao (Guide, Itinerary, Things you need to know)

Patar Beach
Patar Beach is definitely the top tourist spot in Bolinao, Pangasinan. This paradise has a long stretch shoreline with a mixture of fine white sand and shells. Of course, the landscape with not be complete without the palm and hardwood trees, and cottages on the side. The sea water is crystal clear and cool. During our visit, due to COVID, with less visitors, the relaxing ambiance is preserved which can make your day a lazy-sunny day. The blue sky is just an addition to the beautiful picturesque of the beach.


BOLINAO FALLS 3 must be included in your list to visit in Bolinao. Its pool perimeter is longer and wider than the other falls in the area, so it is perfect for photo ops. Though passing the rough road was a bit challenging, you will be rewarded with a wide open area surrounded by greens, landscaped with cottages. The breeze is fresh and cool. Such an Instagram worthy place! By the way, it is a few minutes travel from the falls 1. Entrance fees are being collected. CLICK TO WATCH MY PANGASINAN VLOG

Bolinao Falls 1, Pangasinan

Bolinao Falls 1
BOLINAO FALLS 1 is a spectacular waterfalls in the middle of woods. It is always part of the itinerary of operated tours in the province because of its amazing landscape and relaxing ambiance. The cool blue green water is perfect for tired muscles. But, to reach this spot, visitors need to walk on a concrete stair with more than 50 steps, I think. Entrance fees are being collected. CLICK TO WATCH MY PANGASINAN VLOG


PATAR BEACH is definitely the top tourist spot in Bolinao, Pangasinan. Why not, the shoreline has a long stretch of fine white sand landscaped by greens and cottages on the side. On the other hand, the horizon that separates the crystal clear water and emerald seas from the blue sky is just an addition to the beautiful picturesque of the beach. The relaxing ambiance is preserved which can make your day a lazy-sunny day.


Quezon Memorial Circle
For others, they find Quezon Memorial Circle as their perfect place for jogging, meeting someone, other activities, and the perfect spot for Pokemon Go gamer as their lure location but for me – this landmark commemorates the significance of the late President Manuel L. Quezon and the Commonwealth of the Philippines. I have visited this park several times, but it’s my second time entering the museum.

MT. PULAG, BENGUET (Updated Hiking Guide)

Mt. Pulag
I personally consider Mt. Pulag as one of the most beautiful mountains in the Philippines, therefore, you should include this on your "Must Hiked" list. It is the third highest mountain in the country and the highest point in Luzon, measures 2,922 MASL. Witness the famous “sea of clouds," a majestic phenomenon where the hikers, on the summit, are literally above the clouds.

Paragliding in the Philippines (Sarangani, Rizal, now in Cavite)

Because of the pandemic, Paragliding in Carmona, Cavite created it's own spark to local tourists. Before, according to Philippine Tandem Paragliding, they are flying with an average of 10% local tourists per day while the rest are foreign. Today, majority are local, possible reasons? COVID-19 protocols, Filipinos are staying at home and wants something new, and the effect of "Crash Landing on You." Nevertheless, if you want something heart pounding and extreme, this activity is highly recommended. CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE & WATCH MY VLOG