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Nilandingan Cove
Batang Hamog Mountaineers celebrated its 9th anniversary at  the farthest resort in Cagbelete Island, Quezon Province. Though, it's a 4-5 hours land travel from Manila, we chose Nilandingan Cove because we thought that it has a big picture of beauty at its finest. From afar, we were greeted by the long stretch of fine white sand shoreline with the greens on the side. Upon arrival, we discovered that Nilandingan Cove is not just about the shoreline, it also has crystal clear and cool waters, lovely cottages, and relaxing ambiance.

Cagbalete Island Resort
The caretakers of Nilandingan Cove greeted us with smile and offered welcome drink before we checked in. The resort has a wide land area and surrounded by hardwood trees that creates a relaxing ambiance and at the same time, the tranquility is preserved. There are green grass where you can sit, relax and enjoy the magnificence of nature without too many people.

Nilandingan Cove

Nilandingan Cove

Pansacola Beach Resort

Cagbalete Island
Nilandingan cove has a common kitchen but we were the only group who used it. It was the spot where we reminisce our past. We recalled the stories of happiness and the not so happy events we encountered in the past 9 years. Though we're not complete, our memories with all the members were intact. It was really an unlimited story telling while preparing for our lunch, during our lunch and even after lunch. Rested for 30 minutes and started preparing for our Get Tea milk tea by Rio.

Nilandingan Cove Food menu

Best milk tea in the Philippines.
 Preparing for our Get Tea milk tea. Also available in SM North Annex.

Nilandingan Cove photos
The facility is not like your preferred 5 five star hotel or resort, but Nilandingan Cove has pretty much everything, from the unlimited fresh water supply, kitchen area, and clean toilet and baths. There is electricity supply from a generated set, however,  the supply limited from 6PM to 6AM. The villas and cottages have electric fans, power outlets, mattresses and pillows. This accommodation can fit for 5-6 people, with regular size.

Cagbalete Island Resorts

Cagbalete Island Blog

Nilangadingan Cove Cottages

Dona Choleng Camping Resort

Nilangadingan Villa
The best part of Nilandingan Cove is the stunning and spectacular sun set and sun rise. Your lazy afternoon can will be extended until the sun set because of the cool breeze while the sky turns its color to a mixture of blue, gray and stunning gold. Also, during low tide, the narrow stretch of shoreline became wider and wider as in super wide. On the other hand, this part of Cagbalete Island has a full and wide view of the sun rise (photos below).

Cagbalete Island 2019

NIlandingan Cove DIY

Cagbalete Island DIY

Batang Hamog Mountaineers
 I left Nilandingan Cove with a new memory, a memory that cannot be replaced and a memory that will definitely be cherished as I face different stages of life. Batang Hamog Mountaineers is not a group, it is my extended family. Leaving this paradise will not be the end; we might not see each other in a few months but our love and friendship will not be tarnished by time.


We chartered a van to Mauban, Quezon. Then, chartered a boat to Nilandingan Cove. To inquire about our contacts, PM ME HERE <<<

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