Pinoy Big Brother | I Finally Got the Sticker

Pinoy Big Brother
PBB House (photo above) or Bahay ni Kuya is one of the famous houses in the Philippines. I was in 2nd year college when met and saw Nene Tamayo in person, after winning the very first PBB title; she was raised in Sta. Fe and I came from Odiongan, both municipalities in Romblon. Seeing a Romblomanon on national TV, for the first time, is such an honor and I want to be the next one.

Just last Sunday, May 22, 2016, another audition was conducted to search for the next Pinoy Big Brother housemates and I was one of the thousand hopefuls. As early as 3AM, I was already in ABS-CBN compound, falling in line to accomplish my dream. While waiting for my chance to enter the judgement tent, I was able to talk to different people, from different provinces and heard different stories.

It was around 11 AM when I entered Tent 3 and had an opportunity to empress the judges. Since we were in a batch, I noticed that all of us were composed and full of confidence to face the camera. Task Number 1: TO IMPRESS. COMPLETED. After the activity, we proceeded to the backside of the tent and waited for the results. All of us were silent. PBB staff opened the door and announced the numbers who will continue to the next level. Few numbers were already called and I was still waiting. PBB staff said: “and the last number is . . . 00692!! I was like, Oh my God!!! Stood up and got my sticker from the staff and thanked him. A Very Miss Universe moment and it was a life changing experience!

Greatest Challenge | I thought after getting my sticker everything will be fine, but I was wrong. The number and the sticker served as our profile and a proof that we already passed Level 1, so we need to take good care of them. But while walking on the road to McDonalds, for my lunch, I accidentally lost my number with the sticker. I asked the guards, waiters and maintenance guy if they saw my number anywhere and they all responded: “Wala Sir!” Alam nyo yung feeling na habang kumakain ka, hindi mo malalasahan yung kinakain mo dahil pre-occupied yung isip mo ng mga bagay-bagay. Ilang beses kong tinanong ang sarili ko nang: “mag-mamakaawa ba ako para bigyan nila ako ng chance kahit wala akong number?” I violated the number one rule and I felt guilty about it.

Hirap na hirap akong sagutin ang mga tanong ko dahil andaming mga hopefuls sa tabi ko na puro masasaya dahil nakapasa din sila. But instead of finding my number or finding the answer to my question, I went to Trinoma to find the appropriate answer: “Continue (with baka sakaling tanggapin nila) or go home and sleep, may next time pa naman.”

I only have two hours to decide. While in MRT, I was walking with pre-occupied mind, yung parang zombie ba. Instead of walking around the mall, baka maka-basag pa ako, I proceeded to Jolibee at the food court. Bought water melon float and seated for 1 hour and 30 minutes, still thinking for the answer. Habang naguguluhan ako sa desisyon biglang nanariwa ang dalawang seasons na pinag-auditionan ko.

Audition date: January 18, 2014. Audition Venue: ABS-CBN. Level 1 palang, ligwak na sa banga lolo nyo. But this season, my audition video was used for the PBB commercial. Hanapin nyo ko sa picture sa taas. Hindi nyo ko makilala no? Ako yung naka-gray sa gitna, with long curly hair pa.
Audition Date: March 4, 2011. Audition Venue: SM MOA. Kauna-unahang audition sa buhay ko, Level 1 palang, ligwak din. Pero napansin ng staff ang ganda ng kulot kong buhok, kaya nung audition stories aired on tv, napasama ako na rumarampa sa MOA, mala Melai.

Pagkatapos manariwa ang aking mga nakaraang audition, I finaly made my decision. CONTINUE. Ito na ang kauna-unahang pagkakataong makakapasok ako sa Level 2, palalagpasin ko paba? Ito na ang simula ng aking pangarap, palalagpasin ko paba? Syempre HINDI! Without my number and sticker, I proceeded to the marshal and staff. Showed my photo with the number and sticker as proof. Mababait at considerate ang mga staff kaya nabigyan parin ako ng chance to enter Level 2. During the Level 2 audition, I did my best but I guess my best wasn’t good enough. So, it was a NO this season. I am still young. I still have few years to reach my 35, so wait for me entering Bahay ni Kuya!