Still Hurts on the Second Time | Apo Whang Od Tattoo

Whang Od
If you are a tattoo lover and even not, I am positive that you know who "Whang Od" is. She is the oldest, a living legend and the last "mambabatok" from the Butbut tribe in Buscalan, Kalinga who uses an old style of tattooing, called "batok" or a traditional hand-tapped tattooing. She became prominent because she has been featured on some local TV shows, international documentaries, magazines and others. Photos below will show the beauty of Buscalan, Kalinga and their traditional "batok."

The Gigantic Taal Basilica | A Solo-Backpacking

Taal Basilica
I am eager to visit Taal Basilica because of what have happened few months ago in this historical structure; an earthquake created a crack on part of this church. This church is known as the Minor Basilica of Saint Martin of Tours situated in the municipality of Taal, Batangas. It is considered as one of the largest catholic church in Asia which measures 96 meters long and 45 meters wide as per

The Uncrowded side of Anawangin and Capones

Anawangin Cove Zambales
It was in 2012 when I discovered the happiness in hiking; we traversed Mt. Pundaquit to Anawangin Cove during a super hot summer vacation. And after half a decade, I finally made a come back and witnessed the other side. Among the coves of Zambales (such as Nagsasa, Talisayen and Silanguin) Anawangin is the most prominent and most visited place creating this gorgeous spot a tent city during summer. But this time, we camped at the right spot!

The Peaceful Paco Park and Cemetery

Paco Park and Cemetery
Paco Park is a recreational garden area and served as Manila's municipal cemetery during Spanish colonial period. This structure was built in the 18th century and was completed in 1822. Its original design is to be a municipal cemetery for the influential and aristocratic Spanish families living in Manila and Intramuros but also served as the peaceful dwelling place for those victims of cholera epidemic.

Cattleya Resort and the Stunning Overlooking

Cattleya Resort Antipolo
Rizal is a neighbor province of Metro Manila; very accessible for commuters. Aside from Maytime Festival, kasuy and their local delicacies, they are also well known about their resorts with a gorgeous Manila golden skyline, others call it "overlooking." So, if you're planning to visit the City of Antipolo and looking for a place to stay, Cattleya Resort is a perfect place for you.

What's in Manuel Uy Beach Resort?

Manuel Uy Beach
Looking for a gorgeous place to relax near Metro Manila? How about beautiful landscape by the beach, sounds interesting right? Stunning beaches and resorts near the metro can be found in the province of Batangas in Southern Luzon; Manuel Uy Beach Resort is one of the must visit place in the Calatagan, a 3-4 hours road travel from Manila. Travel time might be tiring but our journey to our destination was unforgettable. More photos and read our story below:

Baluarte de San Diego | Ancient Rome in Manila

This is part of Celebrating the World Tourism Day 2017 in Intramuros and Baluarte de San Diego was my last destination. From Manila Cathedral, I used Google Map to locate the exact location of Baluarte de San Diego, didn't think that I already  passed by its gate during my previous visit. Anyway, I planned to visit this side of the walled city but due to its entrance fee and I am in a financial hardship status, this plan didn't pushed through. But today, finally made it!

The Significance of Fort Santiago | World Tourism Day

Fort Santiago
This is part of Celebrating the World Tourism Day 2017 in Intramuros; Fort Santiago was my first destination. Walking beside this gigantic wall is absolutely remarkable as it embarks the significance of the past to current. Just by reading on the writings placed by the management in different corner, you can foresee what have transpired inside this wall centuries ago. Also, we can distinguish who are the prominent people imprisoned and tortured here, like Jose Rizal. Photos below will give you more excitement.

Celebrating World Tourism Day in Intramuros

World Tourism Day
You might be thinking about the location where this photo taken from; I have no money to travel abroad so it's not from the ancient Greece or Rome. It is one of the tourist spots and must visit attractions in Manila. Okay, it is from Intramuros or the "Walled City" one of the sites that has significance in Philippine history. I was captivated by the Intramuros Open House in Celebration of World Tourism Day. Entrance fees are for free on three of the must visit spots inside the walled city; these are Fort Santiago, Baluarte de San Diego, and Casa Manila. Not only that, there are free bicycle tour at Plaza Roma, and picnic with performance grounds, food and art at Baluarte de San Diego.

3 Must Visit Places in the Cordillera | TakeFive Outdoors

Must Visit in Cordillera
There's too much chaos on the roads in the Metro so searching for deserted places with a picture perfect landscape is now a norm. With the gorgeous and stunning photos scattered on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram it is now easy to promote, search and catch a glimpse of places to visit. If I would suggest places in Luzon, the provinces in the Cordillera region are on the top. Been here few times and I noticed that it is one of the favorite destinations of many international and local tourists. Who says no to a place with a big picture of a so called paradise. There's healthy forest with fresh air, cool and relaxing ambiance, pristine lagoons, colorful flora and fauna, and has a cool weather with no heavy traffic and no cellular signal perfect for bonding. Here are 3 of the Top Must Visit Places in the Cordillera:

Museum Hunting: A Tour of Elegance

Imelda Marcos Collection
Today is a boring day! Question is: "Anu ang magandang gawin kapag wala kang magawa?" Sagot: " Pinturahan ang buong bahay gamit ang cutix." Pero wala akong cutix. So, after washing my clothes, without itinerary I planned to visit all the Museums in Manila including Ayala Museum in Makati City but that plan ended up visiting Marikina Shoe Museum (with 50 pesos entrance) and the two Buildings of the National Museum of the Philippines because they both have FREE Admission.

It is Simple to Process a TIN ID Replacement

BIR Form 0605
Personal Indentification is one of the most important thing that you should bring if you're going somewhere; more important than your cellphone. If you have business transactions in any financial institutions or banks, government and private agencies, and even employment, government issued IDs are necessary. Some of these are SSS, Passport, BIR TIN ID, NBI and the other. Today, just want to share my experience how simple to request a replacement for my lost TIN ID is. Here's what I did:

Medicard Quezon Avenue in Filipino Time

Medicard Quezon Avenue
After getting a job offer, second will be pre employment requirements that usually include bank forms (for salary), school records, NBI clearance, government mandated documents and most important your pre-employment medical examination. Most of the pre-emps medical includes XRay, fecalysis, urinalysis, physical examination, CBC and a drug test. Without passing these pre-emp medical you can't continue with your employment.

Celebrating Freedom in Sabang, Puerto Galera

Cheap Diving in Sabang
Our group, Batang Hamog Mountaineers, usually make sure to participate to any Freedom related activities to celebrate freedom that was proclaimed on June 12, 1898. This year, just to be out of our comfort zone we organized a Freedom Dive held in Sabang, Puerto Galera, Mindoro, which is one of best diving spots in the Philippines. We all know that the Philippines is composed of more than seven thousand islands and are surrounded by water so scuba diving is just one of the must tried water activities.

Malayang Nakapasok sa Emilio Aguinaldo Museum

Tourist Spots in Cavite
Ang Mansyon ng mga Aguinaldo sa Kawit, Cavite ay isa sa mga lumang istruktura na aking gustong maabot at ngayong araw, naabot ko rin ito sa wakas. Galing ng Baclaran, ang probinsya ng Cavite ay halos isang oras lamang  na biyahe dahil sa Cavitex na nagpagaan ng trapiko sa lugar. Sa post ko kahapon, click here, ipinakita ko sa inyo ang maaliwalas na bakuran ng mansyon. Ngayon, loob naman ng mansyon ang aking ibabahagi.

Ang Mahiwagang "Puting Ding-Ding" sa Aguinaldo Mansion

Multo sa Aguinaldo Shrine
Dahil gugunitain nanaman natin ang Araw ng Kalayaan ng Pilipinas sa susunod na lingo, naisipan kong bisitahin ang isa sa mga pinaka sikat at makasay-sayang mansyon sa bansa -  ang mansyon ng mga Aguinaldo sa Kawit, Cavite. Dito lang naman iwinagayway at ipinahayag ang Kalayaan ng Pilipinas noong ika-12 ng Hunyo 1898. Ang larawan sa itaas ay kuha sa ikalawang palapag ng mansyon, kapansin-pansin ang mga antigong kagamitan at muwebles  na kadalasan hindi nawawalan ng mga nakakakilabot na mga kuwento.

Pag-bisita sa Mansyon ni Hen. Emilio Aguinaldo

Emilio Aguinaldo Shrine
 I've been planning to visit this place since I started blogging so this day is a dream come true. Quite difficult, but I will write this post in Tagalog. Alam kong pamilyar sa inyo ang balkonaheng ito, kadalasang laman ito ng ating mga libro ng Kasaysayan. Ngayon, ipapakita ko sa inyo ang kabuuan ng makasaysayang bahay na ito. Nakatutuwang isipin na nasa harapan ako ng isang istrukturang naging bantayog dahil sa naibigay nitong kontribusyon sa Pilipinas. Habang tirik na tirik ang araw, ang puso ko  nama'y hindi mapigilang lumundag dahil sa lubos na galak samantalang ang ihip ng hangin naman ay  may kalamigan na pumapawi sa init na aking nararamdaman.

Parang may Nagbago dahil sa Pag-Byahe at Pamumundok

darwin dalisay accepted puberty challenge
 Antagal kong itinago ang mga larawang ito, subalit sadyang may mga taong mapangahas at gustong halukayin ang aking nakaraan. Nais nilang magkaroon ako ng isang post para sa #PubertyChallenge. Interesting, yun lang ang palaging nasa isipan ko, tatangapin ko ba ito o tatangapin ko? Mahirap hanapin ang sagot. Pero ngayon, ito na ang inyong hinahanap. Ang mga larawang niluma na ng panahon ngunit dala ay ang sinasabi nilang BEFORE and AFTER.

Pure Bass Sound with JBL T210 In-Earphone

JBL T210 Earphone
As a replacement for my Hoomia earphones, I searched online for the best and affordable earphone in the market. A lot of choices were given, from brands, usage, quality and special features. Personally, I am looking for a not so expensive earphones but can give me a superb pure bass sound. It was a challenging task to choose for the right one especially if you're searching online because you can't do a testing. According to feedback and customer reviews, JBL T210 in-earphone is one of the best, so I purchased one.

Treating Gingivitis with Colgate Periogard

Colgate Periogard for treating Gingivitis
It's been a while since my last visit with my dentist. So, a week ago I visited her for my an oral prophylaxis. She said that my teeth are still good but the only problem is Gingivitis or an inflammation of the gums. Had no idea on what she was talking about. According to her, if not treated it can result to a more serious infection so she gave me a Colgate PerioGard. After using for a week, bleeding during brushing my teeth stopped. Now, I have a healthy teeth and gums and can confidently eat anything without thinking about bleeding.

A Glimpse of Vietnam

Tourist Attractions in Vietnam
As what I have mentioned with my Aliwan Fiesta 2017 post, my DSLR wasn't me with because Thes, ang maganda kong pinsan (medyo napilitan ako sa statement na yan huh), brought it to Vietnam. In return, I'll publish some of her photographs here so we can have a glimpse of Vietnam is and their tourist spots and destinations. Every time I hear Vietnam, I am always thinking of Vietnam War and Leah Salonga performing Miss Saigon. Let's see and widen our minds with the photos she captured at the Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Received my Action Cam from Lazada

4K Action Camera
 Today, the spread of action camera is really fast. Started by GoPro, now there are a lot of action cameras in the market that can be purchased at a very low price. I ordered one from Lazada and after receiving, I can't stop exploring what this low cost action camera can provide. So much excited because of its size, features, video and photo quality, usage, and accessories.

Balitok ti Alicia from Isabela

Aliwan Fiesta 2018
Balitok in Ilocano means gold, from which the festival Balitok ti Alicia drew inspiration  as they gratefully celebrate the golden era of the town of Alicia, Isabela.  Being one of the prime palay producers of the province, the festival honors rice as the  golden grains that helped this humble town, formerly called Angadanan Viejo, to become a prominent business hub in Central Isabela. It shows how its hardworking people put their heart in the tedious, muscle numbing work in the fields for the golden grains to be served on the tables for the whole year. Info from Aliwan Fiesta Website

Niyogyugan Festival from Quezon Province

Niyogyugan Festival
From the  words, “niyog” and ”yugyog,” the Niyogyugan Festival  combines all the colourful fiestas of Quezon Province like the “Pahiyas” of Lucban, “Arana’t Baluarte” of Gumaca, “Tagultol” of Atimonan, “Maubanog” of Mauban and others. A province-wide celebration that celebrates the “Tree of Life,” Niyogyugan pays tribute to the coconut industry’s glorious past, which bore fruit in the form of lambanog distilleries, oil millers, heritage houses, and the vast resort-plantations. NIYOGYUGAN FESTIVAL was created to move, shake and bring back the vigor and dynamism of the industry and to promote the products, places, the talent and creativity of Quezonians. Info from Aliwan Fiesta Website

Manaragat Festival from Catbalogan, Samar

Manaragat Festival
Catbalogan City celebrated last year its 400 years of establishment as the capital of the whole island of Samar, from a small fishing village before in 1616 and promising city now in Eastern Visayas. The Manaragat Festival of Catabalogan City is celebrated every year for the whole month of August to pay homage to its Patron Saint – Senyor Bartolome whose feast day falls on the 24th of August. Most of all, this festival is an ongoing call for people to remain resilient despite the odds and to keep moving forward. Info from Aliwan Fiesta Website

Cinco de Noviembre Festival from Negros Occidental

Cinco de Noviembre Festival
Sigabong sang mga Kanyon means “explosion of cannons.” It is also  part of an annual Fiesta dubbed as “Cinco de Nobyembre” by the City of Bago, Negros Occidental, commemorating the uprising of the Negrenses and the rather   “explosive” true story behind the province’s independence. History accounts relate the siege of Bago City, then a poblacion, which was liberated by the Philippine revolutionary General Juan Araneta in the early hours of November 5, 1898.  Info from Aliwan Fiesta Website

Manggahan Festival of Guimaras

Manggahan Festival
Guimaras is one of the small island province in the Philippines but with a huge a vibrant culture, breathtaking tourist attractions, and world class mangoes. Having said that, the province created Manggahan Festival every May to showcase their gift. In this presentation, Binagtong, which means anything that is wrapped by a katsa or patadyong, will be featured to show its usefulness as an accessory to export mangoes and other products by using this piece of cloth in the hands, shoulder or head. To be included in the presentation are the unique and exciting countryside experience for tourists  – from agri eco adventure parks to bike circuits, historical sites, religious events and other cultural activities. Info from Aliwan Fiesta Website

Maytime Festival is the Pride of Antipolo City

Maytime Festival
Tayo na sa Antipolo Maytime Festival promotes the city of Antipolo as one of the pilgrimage sites in the Philippines, celebrated every first Tuesday of May and ends on the first Tuesday of July. This colorful festivities include Unang Prusisyon, Santacruzan and Katapusang Prusisyon, together with the beautiful street dancing competitions. Antipolo's native delicacies like suman, manga and kasoy are always part of the event to showcase the wealth of their city. The art and colors signifies their colorful culture. Info from Aliwan Fiesta Website

The Stunning Colors of Inaul Festival

Inaul Festival 2017
Inaul or Inol literally translates to "Weaved" in English. It is a hand woven fabric by the Maguindanaon women weavers. It is traditionally used as a "malong" or a "Bara-Bangsa," which describes to royalty. Before, the use of Inaul reflects the status symbol of the wearer in the society. These fabrics are woven with stunning colors with its own meaning. Yellow and orange signifies royalty, red is for bravery, green is for peace and harmony and white for purity. The use of the gowns made from Inaul during Miss Universe 2016 pageant made this local product a world class fabric.

Meguyaya Festival in Aliwan Fiesta 2017

Meguyaya Festival in Aliwan 2017
Meguyaya is a Teduray term for thanksgiving for the bountiful harvest. The Creator blessed blessed them with fertile soil and great climate making them to produce tons of corn. This annual festivities includes street dancing competition showcasing different culture of Teduray, Muslim and Christian celebrated every December in Upi, Maguindanao. One of the most awaited event is a long stretch of corn grillers placed by the roadside where everyone enjoys roasting, a symbol of togetherness and feasting.

Tugtog ng Aliwan 2017

Aliwan Festival 2017
This travel wasn't planned, Jean, my high school classmate, messaged me to witness this grandest festival battle in the Philippines. We were thinking that today April 20, 2017 is the street dancing competition and unfortunately we're wrong but it's fine because this day is the Tugtog ng Aliwan 2017, where the contingents from different  regions in the country compete with their unique and distinct sounds using their native instruments. Since it's unplanned, I don't my have my DSLR camera, so these photos were captured using my not so expensive phone.

Centuries Old Churches in Negros Occidental and Ilo-Ilo

Miag Ao Church
 This Lenten season, one of the cultural practices by some of the Filipinos is Visita Iglesia or visiting several churches. Here are some of the Centuries Old Churches in Negros Occidental and Ilo-Ilo. Let's start with Miag-ao Church, UNESCO World Heritage Site. Construction began in 1787 while Fray Francisco M. Gonzales. O.S.A. was the parish priest of Miag-ao and Domingo Libo-on  was the Gobernadorcillo. The Church was completed in 1797 and it served as the fortress against Muslim Raiders. During revolution, this church was destroyed but was rebuilt. Like other heritage churches, it was damaged by fire and earthquake. Restoration work began in 1960 and was completed in 1962. More photos, Click Here >>>

Walang Drone? Pero Gusto ng Drone Shot?

Drone Settings
Photo above: Britania Island, San Agustin, Surigao del Sur. This generation, technology evolution is really fast especially with cameras. I can still remember the classic words like Fujifilm, AGFA as endorsed by Aga Mulach, analog/film camera, rewind, pa-develop, pa re-copy, wag buksan baka ma-expose and many others. It was in 2002 when I was able to use and capture a picture using my friend's digital camera. After fifteen years, here were are with the touch screen technology, hundred Millimeter lenses, filters, image stabilizers, underwater capabilities, more memory, and of course the latest which is the flying capabilities.

Cape Bojeador Lighthouse

Cape Bojeador Lighthouse
Cape Bojeador Lighthouse (Burgos Lighthouse) is situated in Burgos, Ilocos Norte.  It is a cultural heritage that was erected during the Spanish era in the Philippines.  It's a 66-foot-tall octagonal stone tower on Vigia de Nagpartian Hill with an overlooking scene of Cape Bojeador. This lighthouse was first designed by Magin Pers and Pers in 1887 and finished by the Lighthouse Service under Guillermo Brockman.

Reason Why You Shouldn't Miss Kanidugan Festival

Kanidugan Festival
Kanidugan Festival is one of the most awaited festivals in the Philippines. This festivities is celebrated on the first week of April in Odiongan,  Tablas Island, Romblon. The street dance parade and ground demonstration is composed of participants from the baranggay level. Each of the participants is wearing their best and colorful costumes made from the coconut products. It is showcasing the importance of coconut or "niyog" in Filipino or "nidog" a local term where its name came from. Photos below will describe why you shouldn't miss Kanidugan Festival 2016:

Walking at the Chinese Garden

Chinese Garden
Chinese Garden is situated and one of the tourist spots, attractions and destinations in Rizal Park, Manila. This garden can give you an amazing feeling of what's inside a typical Chinese parks and temples. I was searching for the National Museum Planetarium but Google Map gave me an idea about this place. When I saw its entrance, I was amazed by the artistic and colorful gate, with Chinese characters.

National Museum Planetarium

Just few days ago, the National Museum Planetarium opened its door to the public for FREE until April 30, 2017, so money is not a problem to see and appreciate the wealth inside its dome. By the way, there are daily presentation showing the facts about planets, satellites, stars, sun, milky way, galaxy, solar system and many other things around the sun that will definitely wake up your sleeping interest about celetial bodies and Science and Technology.

Second Visit to Jose Rizal Monument

Rizal Monument
Rizal Park is the well known landmark in the Philippines because of its historical values and beautiful landscape, near Intramuros in Manila. Its name is derived from Dr. Jose Rizal as a tribute to our national hero's patriotic act. It is also called Luneta (Lunette) because of its shape and was previously called Bagumbayan. This was the place where Rizal was executed by the Spanish Colonial Forces on December 30, 1896 which sparked the fire of the Philippine Revolution against the Spaniards.

Kalamansi for Pimples?

Removing Pimples
Pimples or acne on the face is one of the most common problems by the teens and even other adult. But in my case, this problem started when I was twenty one years old. I thought it was just a problem with my beauty regimen. Since pimple is usually caused by bacteria, I changed everything, including pillow cases and towels. Consulted 3 dermatologists, applied everything they suggested but still the same. For three years, I was singing: "mga tagyawat sa ilong, at sa pisngi, at sa noo, at sa batok, at sa baba......." I am still getting pimples every now and then but it's not severe like before, but it still lower my self esteem.

Requesting for NBI Clearance the Fastest Way

NBI Clearance
I can't hide my happiness because for the first time, got my NBI clearance within 30 minutes, unlike before - may forever sa pila sa pag-process ng NBI clearance. First step, I filled out the online form and generated the online transaction number. TAKE NOTE: To save money, you don't necessarily to print it out, print screen or screen shot or write down the transaction number will do. Step 2, go to payment or bayad centers nationwide, LBC or SM/Robinsons Customer Service. I recommend bayad center or LBC, mas-mahal kasi ng 25 pesos sa Robinsons customer service. Step 3, Bio-metrics at the NBI kiosks. Step 4, Printing.

Benefits of Getting a Beep Card

Beep Card
 I am planning to work for a company in McKinley Hill, Taguig and daily commuting is a bit challenging. Imagine, from Rizal I need to take a ride in an FX to Ayala and alight in Kalayaan and then a jeepney ride to Market Market or I can also wait for those with a direct route to Market Market. From there, I have to ride again in a jeepney to Lawton Avenue, McKinley Hill and wait for the shuttle roaming around area. As part of my plan, just purchased a Stored Value Beep Card at the MRT Ortigas station, costs 100 pesos with 80 pesos wallet value, to be used for my daily commuting. What can I get from this Beep Card?

The Venice Grand Canal in McKinley Hill

Venice Grand Canal
The Venice Grand Canal in McKinley Hill. I saw a friend posting a photo, in facebook, that is so familiar. Out of my curiosity, I asked my friend if where was that photo taken. And she told me the details. I told my travel buddies about this place but I was sad, they already knew it. Without any plan, we visited The Venice and here's what we found:

Azure | White Sand in Manila

Azure Urban Resort Residences is one of the newly developed vertical residential structure in Paranaque. It gotten the attention of media and Filipinos because it is designed by the world famous socialite and a hotel heiress Paris Hilton. She has really great sense of art and class as it appears on the outcome of Azure, from its details, facilities, pool side, residential units and the white sand by the pool. Had a chance to enter and enjoy what's inside Azure Urban Resort and Residences, photos will describe.

Manila Cathedral After Dark

Manila Cathedral
Manila Cathedral or the Manila Metropolitan Cathedral Basilica is situated in the district of Intramuros, City of Manila. Originally, this church was the "Church of Manila" which was established under the management of the Diocese of Mexico in 1571, but in 1579 it became a separate diocese. Been here several times, but it's my first time to see the stunning golden lights on its structure after dark.

Cucumber Benefits | Now I Know

Cucumber Benefits
We have a small farmland in the province, during rainy season we usually plant rice and string beans but during summer we plant water melon, melon, squash,  eggplant, and many other vegetables that grow without too much water; wait, I almost forgot pipino or cucumber. Among those veggies I mentioned, I usually rate cucumbers as the lowest because I seldom see them as important as the water melons and the others and usually forgot what they can give to people.

Inside Fort Santiago

Fort Santiago
Fort Santiago  is a fortress which is a part of the structures of Intramuros walls.  This historical structure was first built by Miguel Lopez de Legazpi for the newly founded City of Manila. This fort is the most important historical sites in Manila as Dr. Jose Rizal was imprisoned here before he was executed in 1896.

Mt. Talamitam | BHM on 3rd

Filipino Mountaineers
Our original plan was Mt. Maculot, but two days before the climb, it was changed to Mt. Talamitam in Nasugbu, Batangas. Night trekking was certainly full of fun since there was no problem with the harmful sun UV rays. Talamitam is covered with cogon grass and shrubs; no hard wood or trees that can protect the hikers from the sun rays. Its highest point measures 630+ MASL with a gorgeous ambiance on top. There's one hundred meters assault to the summit which added an amazing adventure to the hikers. Mt. Batulao and Mt. Pico de Loro were just two of the well known mountains nearby.

Mt. Maculot: Hiking Guide

2019 mt maculot
Mt Maculot is one of the mountains lying in southern Luzon which is prominent to mountaineers because of its special feature. Maculot is one of the best options for day hikes because of its minor trail type, terrains that are covered with trees and surrounded by grass and shrubs, the air is fresh, cool ambiance and a perfect location for a stunning shot with the world famous and most active Taal Volcano on the background. The rockies is one of the best and famous part of Maculot.

Faces of Mt. Apo

Mt. Apo
 Mt. Apo is the tallest mountain in the Philippines, 2,956 MASL. It was a tough journey, but absolutely a life changing experience for us. Despite of its technical factors like the assault and steep trails, extreme coldness, tiring hike and etc. that measured my strength, I was able to conquer my own fears. It's hard to tell and explain, so these photos below will explain more.

The Sides of Ortigas Center

Unionbank Plaza
When  I was still in Romblon, I didn't  expect that my career will boost here in Metro Manila, particularly in Ortigas Center, Pasig City. It was in 2008 when I started working in a BPO but it's my first time to add this area in SirangLente or TravellingCup. Ortigas Center has a lot to offer, from the five star hotels with world class facilities, restaurants serving mouth water delicacies made by the people from different parts of the world, call center companies serving different languages and many others.