The Grand Mosque or the Masjid Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah in Cotabato City, Province of Maguindanao del Norte, is currently the biggest mosque in the Philippines. The minarets are 43 meters, equivalent to a 15-storey building, with a pilot's light on top. The walls are white, and the gigantic domes are covered with gold and crescent moons on top.


Mount Samat is a mountain in Bataan, Philippines. On its summit, the Shrine of Valor or Dambana ng Kagitingan was built because of its huge historical contribution during World War II. Also, the province holds the record of Battle of Bataan including the controversial Death March. Anyways, from Bagac, we traveled to Pilar to discover and to know more about the significance of the Cross on top of the mountain. CLICK TO WATCH MY VLOGS


Guadalupe Church, Makati City - it’s a 400 years old structure with an amazing facade. Founded by the Augustinians, the construction of its foundation was laid in 1601 and was finished in 1629. Some parts of this church were rebuilt several times because of the earthquakes; and in 1880 the masonry roof collapsed because of the earthquake so it was rebuilt in 1882 by Rev. Jose Corujedo O.S.A. Later, this structure was burnt during the fight between Filipinos and Americans on February 1899. It was reconstructed and re-opened to the public in 1983.

Boracay Island: Things you need to know

Boracay Island
Boracay is an island in Malay, Aklan. It is absolutely the best island beach in the world. The fine and white sand by the shoreline can be compared to fine table salt; others would say it’s like baby powder. The cool, pristine and crystalline water is really adorable that mirrors the gorgeous clouds from the sky. The reflection is like a painting of Michelangelo, as the blue water and skies forming a golden horizon by the dawn.

Boracay Island: Travel Guide and Things you Need to Know

Boracay Island
Boracay is a gorgeous island in Malay, Aklan, Philippines; it is special because it is described as one of the most beautiful white sand beaches in the world. It is famous for its fine white sand, crystal clear waters, spectacular golden sunset, and remarkable water activities. Recently, I received inquiries from foreign readers on how to get here, what activities can be tried, and asking for recommendations for hotels.

PUERTO GALERA (Travel Guide, Itinerary, Things you need to know)

Puerto Galera is located in the north-westernmost part of Oriental Mindoro. If you're looking for a place with a good combination of beach and underwater experience, then, it is the perfect place for you. It has a perfect combination of fine white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, wealthy marine bio diversity marine, stunning sunset and night life activities. CLICK TO WATCH MY VLOG

SUNKEN CEMETERY (History, Things you need to know)

Sunken Cemetery
The Sunken Cemetery is one of the must-visit tourist spots, attractions and destinations in Camiguin. Before, it was a resting place but now it's a tourist place that gives money to the government and jobs to the locals. This spot has a huge cross perched in the water. Tourists can cross and step on the base of the cross using boats, of course NOT for free. Souvenir shops and stores are available by the entrance.

Mararison Island, Best Tourist Spot to visit in Antique

Mararison Island
Malalison or Mararison is an island in Culasi, Antique. It can be considered a fishermen island because most of the residents are fishing as their livelihood. A few years back, its breathtaking beauty captured the attention of travelers after Typhoon Yolanda. It is Panay's next frontier because of its fine white sand beaches, and crystal clear waters with a diversity of aquatic flora and fauna – it is truly a perfect diving paradise.

Rizal Shrine, the Best place to see and visit in Dapitan

The Rizal Shrine in Dapitan City was the place where our National Hero was exiled by the Spaniards in 1892. It was also the place where he worked as a doctor, sculptor, farmer, teacher and many others. He purchased this land after winning a lottery in 1892. Later, his mother, sisters and relatives transferred here from Calamba, Laguna. However, on January 15, 1897, all of his property was confiscated by the Spanish authorities. This property was converted into a park and was declared as National Park in 1940 by President Manuel L. Quezon.

Paoay Church

Paoay Church
San Agustin Church of Paoay (Paoay Church) is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Philippines. The structure is made up of baked bricks, coral rocks, tree sap and solid lumber. The 24 buttresses were also placed on each side of the church for support; the reason why it is still standing after the earthquakes in the 17th century up to this generation.

Asik-Asik Falls, Alamada (Travel Guide, Budget, Things you need to know)

Asik-Asik Falls
Asik-Asik falls is a spectacular-curtain-like waterfalls hiding in the mountainous area of Alamada. Its unique landscape and breathtaking beauty spread online which captured the eyes of the world, making it the top tourist destination in the North Cotabato. Who says "no" to its majestic walls covered with lush green vegetation, such as moss and ferns, highlighted by the hardwood trees and the clear blue skies. And in between these hanging ornaments are cold and crystal clear rushing water naturally falling on a shallow rocky pool surrounded by artistic rocks and boulders. Such a perfect place to relax and distress.

TINUY-AN FALLS (Travel Guide, Things you need to know)

The Tinuy-an falls is the top tourist destination in Surigao del Sur. It is a huge waterfall with cool and crystal clear waters and is surrounded by greens that create the area a gorgeous and relaxing landscape. The ambiance is so cool, with the fresh air blowing. By the way, most part of the waterfalls are accessible, including the pool area. Water rafts, with a guide, can be rented. CLICK TO WATCH MY VLOG

Anguib Beach (Sta. Ana, Cagayan)

Anguib Beach
Anguib beach is at Sta. Ana, Cagayan. It is one of the must visit in the province because of its long-curvy-stretch of fine white sand landscaped with greens on the side. The sand has a mixture of colorful shells, pebbles in different shapes and living crustaceans running back and forth. From the quiant cottages by the beach, the crystal clear water and emerald seas are visible separated by the horizon from the blue sky. Its preserved tranquility can definitely make your day a lazy day. CLICK TO WATCH MY VLOG

Palaui Island, Cagayan

Palaui Island
Aside from the Callao Cave, Palaui Island became one of the top tourist destinations in Cagayan province because of it's beauty that stole the eyes of the world. Since the province is situated on the North East side of Luzon, due to its topographical location, the serenity and the breathtaking beauty are well preserved. CLICK TO WATCH MY VLOG

Mt. Batulao (Hiking Guide, Itinerary, Things you need to know)

Mt. Batulao
I consider Mt. Batulao as one of the most climbed mountains in Southern Luzon because of the following: proximity from Manila, beautiful landscape, cool and relaxing ambiance.  A two to three hours land travel from the Manila, this mountain can reward you with a breathtaking and wide view of its green mountain slopes. You trek can be tiring but your tired muscles will be relaxed as the cool and refreshing wind blows. Since it's in Batangas, you can have a side trip in Tagaytay and have a sumptuous bulalo break.


Mt. Tarak
Mt. Tarak is one of the top destinations in Bataan for hikers. This mountain has a good combination of breathtaking beauty, an elegant skyline, a cool and temperate weather and abundant with flora and fauna. By the way, my first walk on its trails was in 2012 and after five years, I am here again. Our journey is totally different because last time, it was wet season and this time is super dry.

Mt. Ulap, Benguet (Hiking Guide and Things you need to know)

Mt. Ulap
Mt. Ulap is situated in Brgy. Ampucao, Itogon Benguet. It is one of the highest peaks in the Cordillera region with amazing flora and fauna. Because of its temperature, the trees, grass and flowers look so healthy making the mountain look gorgeous.

Mt. Banahaw

Mt. Banahaw
Mt. Banahaw is an active complex volcano located in Quezon Province. To plant more trees, that's our main purpose of our hike. We chose this mountain because we want to preserve its hidden and majestic beauty. Though it is hard to trek due to its terrain which is a rainforest, it is one of the must hiked mountains because it has healthy biodiversity, both plants and animals. Dubbed as the "Holy Mountain," this giant bears a trail with a very calm ambiance. Reaching the summit and heading back to the jump-off can give you a lifetime and unforgettable experience. 

Mt. Apo - hiking guide and things you need to know

Mt. Apo
Mt. Apo is a dormant stratovolcano that measures 2,954 meters above sea level. It is dubbed as the "bubong ng Pilipinas" because it is the highest and the father of all the mountains in the Philippines. Its circumference stretches to two provinces in the southern Mindanao region, the provinces of North Cotabato and Davao del Sur. Though this mountain is considered active, trekking on its terrain is safe and can provide a package of remarkable experiences and photos to be shared.

MOUNT HAMIGUITAN (Hiking Guide, Itinerary, Things you need to know)

Davao Oriental - Mt. Hamiguitan is the home of the thousand flora and faunas; some are endemic to the Philippines and some can only be found on the terrains of this mountain. Not just the richness of its bio-diversity, its mountain range showcases the spectacular and breathtaking natural beauty at its finest. Because of that, it was declared as a sanctuary by the virtue of R.A. 9303. With its natural wonders, it was also included as one of the ASEAN Heritage Parks. In 2014, this mountain was added to UNESCO List of World Heritage Sites. CLICK TO WATCH MY VLOG

MT. HALCON (Hiking Guide, Itinerary, Things you need to know)

So far, hiking Mt. Halcon (2582 MASL) in Oriental Mindoro is the toughest. Though this mountain garnered a nine over nine rating in terms of difficulty, it is part of my "list of the must hiked mountains" because of its hidden and majestic beauty. It has a combination of long and difficult terrains, a wealthy rain forest, vast diversity of plants and animals, spooky stories, and unpredictable weather conditions which can bring a remarkable hiking experience (the reason why it's my hardest). CLICK HERE TO WATCH MY VLOG


According to the locals, Pulong Pasig or Pasig Island is one of the tourist spots in Quezon province awaiting to be discovered because during low tide, a very long sandbar appears, as in, super long, as in, one of  the longest sandbars in the Philippines. Though the sand is beige, it has a mixture of small corals, gray sand, and some little crustaceans running back and forth. By the way, according to our boatman, the island is now private and no trespassing. CLICK TO WATCH MY VLOG