It is Simple to Process a TIN ID Replacement

BIR Form 0605
Personal Indentification is one of the most important thing that you should bring if you're going somewhere; more important than your cellphone. If you have business transactions in any financial institutions or banks, government and private agencies, and even employment, government issued IDs are necessary. Some of these are SSS, Passport, BIR TIN ID, NBI and the other. Today, just want to share my experience how simple to request a replacement for my lost TIN ID is. Here's what I did:

Medicard Quezon Avenue in Filipino Time

Medicard Quezon Avenue
After getting a job offer, second will be pre employment requirements that usually include bank forms (for salary), school records, NBI clearance, government mandated documents and most important your pre-employment medical examination. Most of the pre-emps medical includes XRay, fecalysis, urinalysis, physical examination, CBC and a drug test. Without passing these pre-emp medical you can't continue with your employment.

President Ramon Magsaysay’s Ancestral House

Ramon Magsaysay Ancestral House
After Batang Hamog Mountaineers' 7th Year anniversary held at Silanguin Cove in San Antonio, Zambales, we had our side-trip at the ancestral house of the Magsaysays along the highway in the town of Castillejos. This house was owned by Ramon Magsaysay, the Seventh President of the Philippines and the place where the late president started capturing the hearts of the people, the reason why he is the "Champion of the Masses" and "Savior of Democracy." 

Silanguin Cove a Deserted Paradise in Zambales | BHM on 7

Silanguin Cove
Silanguin Cove is one of the isolated beaches situated in the province of Zambales, 3-4 hours land travel from Manila. Since the province is facing the West Philippine Sea, it is known for its gorgeous fine white or grayish beaches with the amazing slopes of the mountains on the background such as Crystal Beach, Anawangin, Talisayin and Nagsasa Cove. Who doesn't know about the Scarborough Shoal, it is just few kilometers from here.