Digging the History of Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery

Today, I can feel the Halloween season; at the office we're already preparing for an amazing costume party with the touch of Disney characters and while searching for a stunning outfit, I encountered a photo of the oldest cemeteries in the Philippines - the reason why I am now posting these photos taken at Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery, in 2014.

On the Summit of Mount Apo | Day 3

Mt. Apo Campsite
Hiking to the summit of Mount Apo - it was the longest night I ever had. When I woke up around 1AM, I did not fall asleep for some reasons. The wind was strong and as it penetrates the fabric of the tent and hits my skin, it was like a knife that cuts because of its temperature. We were also bothered by the bad weather that might affect our ascend to the summit.


This photo was captured at MT. Apo's sulphur vents. This spot is stunningly gorgeous because of the huge white boulders and the patches of yellow sulphur on the surface. Mt. Apo is one of the mountains in the Philippines with such kind of feature.

Mt. Apo and the Wealth on the Trail

Mount Apo
If you’re into hiking and mountaineering, Mount Apo must be part of your bucket list. Apo is the tallest mountain in the Philippines lying on few provinces in Mindanao.This photo was captured on November 6, 2015 during our three day Mt. Apo expedition. On the background is a wide carrot plantation with a thick fog formation. More photos? Click here.

Street Style Originals | Best Cap Designs in the Philippines

Street Style Originals
Aside from mountains, historical and heritage sites are also part of my blog post. I believe that we can’t reach our stage today without the richness of the past. This modern generation, it’s hard to promote history and how we can preserve them; but simple things can make a difference. When I saw Supremo cap online, distributed by Street Style Originals, I was thinking that it can create a huge impact to the youth.

Oh My Vans!

My original plan was to buy a pair of Merrell sneakers but due to unavailability of the item at Robinson's Metro East department store , I chose Vans classic shoes. Looks great right?