The Mystical Creature of Matukad Island, Caramoan

Matukad Island is special among other islands in Caramoan because of its long stretch of fine white sand, crystalline water, surrounded by greeneries and the wind is delicate, cool and fresh. Instead of renting an air-conditioned room at Brgy. Paniman, we camped by the beach and stayed here for about twelve hours, enjoying its goodness.

 It's me on my pabida pose, with the lagoon on the background.

Mystical Creature in Caramoan
 Speaking of mystical creature, Caramoan also has its own story. According to the locals, there were two Bangus living in the lagoon, however there was this one person caught one of them and he died. After the story circulated in the area, no one ever touches the remaining bangus in the said lagoon.

Matukad Island Caramoan
 Photo above was taken from the top of the lagoon showing the other side of the Matukad beach. The water is clear, the rock formations are amazing, the shoreline has fine white sand, and Wow, this island is such a paradise. More photos of our Caramoan Adventure, click here: Caramoan| Camping by the Ocean