Doona! (KDrama 2023)

Lee Doo-Na (Bae Suzy) was a member of an idol girl group. She was the main vocalist and the most popular member of the group, but she suddenly announced her retirement. She now stays at a share house, located near a university, and rarely goes out. Meanwhile, Lee Won-Jun (Yang Se-Jong) is a university student. He is a warm-hearted, ordinary young man without anything special in his background. He begins to stay at the share house where Lee Doo-Na resides. His warm heart gives Lee Doo-Na comfort. They get attracted to each other. Synopsis by AsianWiki

KDrama: Doona! | Synopsis, Cast, Schedule, Rating

Cast: Yang Se-Jong, Bae Suzy
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 9
Aired On: Oct 20, 2023
Airs Every: Friday
Original Network: Netflix