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The Ruins in Talisay City


VISIT THE RUINS IN TALISAY CITY (Photo Above) | This mansion was owned by the sugar baron Don Mariano “Anoy” Ledesma Lacson (1865-1948). The construction of this mansion was non stop until the entire structure is completed. It was the largest mansion built during that time, however, was burnt to prevent the Japanese forces making it as their headquarter during World War II. Because of the A-Grade mixture of concrete that were used, its ruins remains until today.

Butuan City, AGUSAN DEL NORTE | Itinerary, Attractions, Destinations, List of Hotels and Where to Stay

Agusan del Norte tourist attractions


VISIT BUTUAN NATIONAL MUSEUM: This branch of the National Museum houses a collection of relics that were discovered in the region. There are ceramics, earthenware, locally woven fabrics, paintings, books, jars, skeletons, and many more. Each of the items are enclosed in a glass cabinets while the others are on the walls.

SURIGAO DEL SUR | Itinerary, Attractions, Destinations, List of Hotels and Where to Stay

Britania Island top tourist destinations in surigao del sur


ISLAND HOPPING ON BRITANIA GROUP OF ISLANDS: The stunning islets of Britania is situated in the municipality of San Agustin, Surigao del Sur. Composed of Hagonoy  (photo above), Naked, Boslon, and Hiyor-Hiyoran islands, these islets have the same features, there's a white sand shoreline surrounded by crystal clear and emerald waters, artistic rock and limestone formations, there's a big picture of a golden and beautiful sunset. Plus, there's a wealthy flora and fauna underwater.

ILOCOS SUR |Itinerary, Attractions, Destinations, List of Hotels and Where to Stay

Vigan City tourist destinations


WALK ALONG CALLE CRISOLOGO IN VIGAN CITY: Vigan City is the capital of Ilocos Sur established in the 16th century. Vigan City captured the eyes of the world because it was listed by UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1999 as one of the best preserved Spanish colonial town in Asia. Calle Crisologo, in Vigan city, has a combination of the past and the current; from the Spanish colonial and ancestral houses, streets paved with cobblestone, and the calesa drawned by the horses. Today, some old establishments are converted into shops and hotels to accommodate the thousands of tourists.

ILOCOS NORTE |Itinerary, Attractions, Destinations, List of Hotels and Where to Stay

Pagudpud beach resorts


ENJOY THE BEAUTY OF PAGUDPUD: Situated at the Northern tip Luzon, Pagudpud is one of top tourist attractions and destinations in Ilocos Norte. It also claims the title: "Boracay of the North" - that's according to the tourists and travelers who experienced its beauty. Pagudpud has a similarity with Boracay from the white sand shoreline, to the crystal clear waters of the Blue Lagoon, to the relaxing and cool sea breeze, to the golden sunset, up to the remarkable activities during the day and parties in the evening.

PALAUI ISLAND AND ANGUIB COVE | Itinerary, Where to Stay, and List of Expenses

Cagayan tourist destinations
Cagayan is not just about the beauty of the Callao Cave and the historical impact of the Callao Man, this province has hidden spots where the magnificence of nature can be found - two of these are the world famous Palaui Island and the almost perfect Anguib Cove. The province of Cagayan is situated on the North East side of Luzon and due to its topographical location, the serenity and the breathtaking beauty of Palaui and Anguib are well preserved.

Mararison Island and Kawa Hot Bath Experience in Antique

mararison island
The province of Antique is situated in Western Visayas and is part of Region 6 with its neighboring provinces Aklan, Capiz, Guimaras, Ilo-Ilo and Negros Occidental. Antique has a lot to offer, from the breathtaking beauty on top of the mountains, wealthy underwater creatures and magnificent beaches. Below are just two of the must visit in destinations in Antique.

Japan! Japan in Ilagan | The Japanese Tunnel

Ilagan Japanese Tunnel
Ilagan Japanese Tunnel is a war tunnel that was used for defense, as a prison, garrison and a headquarter by the Japanese government and military officials. It's a man-made tunnel created by the locals through force labor. This tunnel is one of the tourist destinations situated in Ilagan City, Isabela. Aside from Ilagan Japanese Tunnel, the Giant Butaka is an attraction that welcomes everyone who passes by the highway.

The crystals inside Lussok Cave, Apayao

tourist spots in Apayao
Lussok Cave is one of the prides of Apayao and the Cordillera region. This cave is composed of four chambers, with artistic limestone formations. Not only that, Lussok offers a remarkable caving experience because of the spectacular sceneries that can only be seen on the small caverns. Also, did you know that the countless bats residing inside Lussok produces the most expenssive fertilizer called "guano?" With our Lussok cave experience, I learned that motto: "kapag ang pumatak sayo malamig, that's Holy water, but if it's warm, that's holy sh_t."

A rewarding travel to Cagayan Province

Cagayan tourist destinations
Palaui Island is one of the virgin islands situated in the municipality of Sta. Ana, Cagayan province. It became prominent because it was the location where the two seasons of Survivor, a hit US TV reality show,  was held. Palaui is a small island but has a lot to offer such as the historical Cape EngaƱo Lighthouse, artistic rock formation of Dos Hermanas Island, fine white sand of Mabolbol Shore and the flora and fauna along Siwangag and Lagunzad trails. Of course, the serenity and the breathtaking beauty is well preserved - less visitor due to its topographical location.

Backpacking: Cagayan, Apayao and Isabela

Palaui Island
The provinces of Cagayan and Isabela are part of Region 2 while the province of Apayao is part of the Cordillera Administrative Region. Though, these provinces are part of Luzon, due to its location, it's really hard to experience and discover the gorgeous tourist spots and destinations in the region. Just recently, we visited Cagayan, Apayao, and Isabela and now sharing the most and updated itinerary.

Malamawi Island - a hidden paradise in Isabela, Basilan

Malamawi Island
Malamawi Island is one of the hidden paradise and the top tourist attractions and destinations in Isabela, Basilan. Malamawi White Beach is a privately owned resort in the island with a long stretch of fine white sand shoreline. To see its beauty, from Zamboanga City port, I rode on a ferry to Isabela City. Then, a motorised banca ride to the port of Malamawi and a 20 to 30 minutes motorcycle ride to the white beach.

Pasalamat Festival in Pagadian City, Zamboanga del Sur

pagadian city tourist spots
After Ozamis City, Misamis Occidental, I traveled to Pagadian City, Zamboanga del Sur - the last province in my list. It was a three and a half hours land travel with the a huge picture of how the people of Zamboanga peninsula lives. At the integrated terminal, I rode on a motorcycle to the center of the city passing by the famous rotunda. I was wearing a sando, thus, I easily felt the fresh and cool wind while we were on a descending road with the clear view of the stunning sunset.

A Short Stay at Ozamis City, Misamis Occidental

tourist spots in ozamis city
After my historical tour in Dipolog and Dapitan City, Zamboanga del Norte, I traveled to Ozamis City in Misamis Occidental (Region 10). Its capital is Oroqueta City but I chose Ozamis because I want to see and touch Fort sa Cotta and the Ozamis Cathedral. On the way, I noticed the wide farmlands but when I arrived in the center, this city is the same with the other cities, business establishments are in every corner, transportation is continuous and the streets are undeniably busy. From the Ozamis Integrated Terminal, I rode in a tricycle to the different tourist spots, attractions and destinations.

Zamboanga del Norte: tourist spots, what to do and where to stay

zamboanga del norte tourist spots
It was a long travel from Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay to Dipolog City, Zamboanga del Norte. My primary destination in this province is Jose Rizal Shrine in Dapitan City - the place where  Dr. Jose P. Rizal, the Philippine National Hero, spent his few years when he was exiled but still made this life fruitful by working as a doctor, sculptor, farmer, teacher and participating other activities. Not only that, heritage houses are just some of tourist spots and destinations in Dapitan City.

Zamboanga Sibugay: tourist spots, what to do and where to stay

Zamboanga Sibugay tourist spots
My first destination in Region 9 was Zamboanga Sibugay, a 3.5 hours land travel from Zamboanga City. Ipil, it's capital, is the usual stop over of the buses heading to Dipolog, Pagadian and even Cagayan de Oro City. Since it's a center, like other municipalities, there are big business establishments and the streets are busy. Ipil, as a busy area, hides something unique and a very Instagram worthy tourist spots and attractions.

Isabela, Basilan: tourist spots, what to do and where to stay

Isabela City Basilan
Traveling to Isabela City, Basilan is less than two hours from the port of Zamboanga City. Is it safe in Basilan? It's a YES! There are news about ASG and terrorist acts happened in the province, but it doesn't mean that it's not safe. There are two cities in Basilan, Lamitan (the capital) and Isabela (part of Region 9), that serve as the center. Like the other cities, huge business establishments, transportation and people are present in every corner. From the port of Isabela City, while holding my mobile phone and using Google Map, I walked on the streets to the different tourist spots, attractions and destinations in the city. Did this alone and it's safe.

Jolo, Sulu: Tourist Spots, Destinations, What to do and Where to stay

sulu tourist spots
While the sun was still setting and we were a few kilometers away from the port of Jolo, I noticed the big picture of and the stunning view of Sulu - an island province in the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao. Honestly, this province is always associated with "war." With my statement "I will be traveling to Tawi-Tawi, Sulu and Basilan," I always receive a response like "it's not safe, don't go there." Sad to hear right? But that's the reality. My solo-backpacking in the province is the proof that traveling to Jolo, Sulu is safe and I discovered that the people here are friendly and accommodating. Below are the must do and must visit tourist spots and destinations in Jolo, Sulu.

Tawi-Tawi: Tourist Spots, Destinations and Where to stay

Bongao Tawi-Tawi tourist spots
For me, Tawi-Tawi is the hardest province to penetrate because of its geographical location. Not only that, Tawi-Tawi is always associated with "war" and most of the time, being judged and considered as "unsafe" for travelers, WHICH I DISAGREE! Bongao is the busiest municipality in Tawi-Tawi but has a lot of stunning tourist spots and destinations that are just waiting to be recognized.

Zamboanga City: Travel Guide and Itinerary

Zamboanga City travel guide
"The Latin City of Asia" - the title given to Zamboanga City because of their language called "chavacano," which is very similar to Spanish. This city is situated on the Southern side of the Zamboanga Peninsula and on the Northern side of Basilan. Aside from their language, Zamboanga City is also prominent with their "vinta," a colorful and stunning sailboat or watercraft that is usually used by the locals. During my Solo-Backpacking in this city, without proper itinerary and only used Google Map, I did a walking tour to their top tourist spots and destinations.

Travel Guide: ZamBaSulTa, Region 9 and Misamis Occidental

zambasulta travel guide and itinerary
ZamBaSulta is an acronym given to Zamboanga City, Basilan, Sulu and Tawi-Tawi - the normal route, however, I made a twist and created ZamTaSuBa. Let me make it more extreme, my solo-backpacking includes Region 9: Zamboanga Sibugay, Zamboanga del Norte, Zamboanga del Sur and Misamis Occidental part of Region 10. Details below is my actual itinerary for 9 days that cover 7 Provinces and the independent City of Zamboanga.

Balaw-Balaw Restaurant: Angono Travel Guide and Itinerary

balaw balaw restaurant
I am not into cooking, but I love eating! One thing that I would like to share was an amazing encounter with exotic foods at Balaw-Balaw Restaurant in Angono, Rizal. So, after enjoying the famous Higantes Festival, while our clothes are wet, we proceeded to Balaw-balaw, it is actually one of the prominent restaurants outside Manila. I consider it as one of the must visit, best place to dine, and best restaurant serving exotic foods.

Burot Beach: Travel Guide and Itinerary

burot beach
Looking for a place to relax and at the same time wants to experience adventure? Burot Beach is the perfect place for you. It is situated in the Municipality of Calatagan, Batangas – just few hours travel from Metro Manila. It is another spot that this province can be proud of. History: Burot Beach was formerly known as Elizalde Beach, because it was previously owned by Elizalde family - a wealthy clan in the Philippines and then bought by the SM Group of Companies. Today, it is privately owned by the SM Group and still open to public.

Mt. Gulugod Baboy and the Sombrero Island

Mount Gulugod Baboy
Mount Gulugod Baboy is situated in Anilao, Mabini, Batangas, 2-3 hours travel from Manila. The name Gulugod Baboy, pig spine english, was given because of its slopes and shapes, similar to pig spine. If you’re starting to explore the  richness of the Philippines that can be found on higher altitude, then this mountain is  your perfect start.

Mt. Marami: Hiking Guide

mt marami
From Manila, Mt. Marami is one of the accessible mountains in Southern Luzon, situated in the province of Cavite, Philippines. Not only that, Mt. Marami bears a gorgeous rock formation covered with relaxing green grass, surrounded tall and fruit bearing trees plus the ambiance is cool. 

You can Explore Intramuros for less than 100 Pesos

intramuros manila 2019
I visited Intramuros and Binondo several times but I thinking am missing something in and outside The Walled City in Manila. Inspired by the question: “Hanggang saan aabot ang isan daang piso mo?” Our journey today explains that budget is not a problem to see the gorgeous artifacts erected centuries ago. Without a formal itinerary, we walked on the streets in Intramuros Manila.

Mt. Samat and the Shrine of Valor

mt samat
Among all the mountains in the Philippines, Mt. Samat has the biggest contribution in Philippine history, especially during the World War II. Having said that, the province of Bataan holds the records of Battle of Bataan and including the controversial Death March. Anyways, Mt. Samat is situated in the municipality of Pilar, Province of Bataan, almost three hours travel from Manila.