Top 6 Dinagat Islands Tourist Spots + Travel Guide

Dinagat Islands tourist spots
Yes, Dinagat Islands is a province and it is dubbed as the "Mystical Province of Love" situated in the Northern tip of Mindanao, just beside the world-famous Siargao Island. Until today, the beauty possessed by this newly appointed province is still hidden. With that in mind, the alluring rock formations perched on the crystal clear waters, the fine white sand shoreline, and the vast diversity of flora and fauna are considered as untouched.

Best Places to Visit and Suggested Activities in Dinagat Islands:

I thought traveling to this province will be difficult in the sense that the mode of transportation is super limited but, I was wrong. Though my travel from Davao City is literally pain in the ass, because the total land travel was 11 hours, the transpo from Surigao City to the island province runs according to the plotted schedule. That time, what's in my mind was "I need to cross out this province on my list of 81 Provinces in the Philippines" and no expectations, until, the ferry docked at San Jose Port, met Kuya Dadong and started island hopping. The photos below will explain why I WANT TO BE HERE AGAIN!

1. Ao Beach Resort, Libjo.

Darwin Dalisay

2. Breeze at Pangabangan Lagoon.

3. Punta Villa Resort.

Dinagat Islands tourist spots

4. Duyos Beach.

5. Bitaog Beach.

6. Pagkawasan Island.

The province is truly is a mystical and enchanted. I am now under the spell of its beauty and want to be back every year! In my opinion, with so many hidden spots and destinations, this province is a complete paradise - a paradise awaiting to be discovered and a paradise that only a few people know its worth. If you want to escape from the crowd of Siargao Island or Surigao City, you will definitely find peace and love in here.

Contact: Kuya Dadong, bangkero
Ph: 09484559773

Bat sanctuary in Tubajon, Lake Bababu, the Bonsai forest on Mt. Redondo in Loreto,

The Location and How to Get to Dinagat Islands:

You can book a flight to the airports of Surigao. Then, take a haba-habal or a tricycle to the Boulevard (beside Surigao City Port) where you can buy a fast craft ferry ticket to San Jose, the capital of the province. In my case, from Davao City, I took the most luxurious bus trip to Butuan City (with 2 stops). From Butuan, another bus ride to Surigao City. Then, from Surigao terminal, took a trike to the port area and spent overnight at B & J Pension House for 300 Pesos (12 Hours, common CR, and in front of the port (available on Google Maps). The next day, walked to the Boulevard, secured ferry ticket and sail.

Budget Friendly and Affordable Place to Stay in San Jose:

After my island hopping, from San Jose port, using Google Maps, I walked to 3RJA Pension House where I spent overnight. I paid 250 Pesos for a clean fan room with single bed and a common CR. 3RJA Pensione House is available on Google Maps. If your looking for a place to dine, there are a lot of choices as San Jose is the center of commerce in the province but for a limited time. READ: 9 Days Solo-Backpacking in Sarangani Province, South Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao, North Cotabato, Surigao del Norte, Dinagat Islands, Agusan del Sur, and Davao City.